Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2017

September issue of KPFM

Cover Story

5 Strategies to Save $1 Million

A record number of people have reached the seven-figure milestone. Here's how to join them.


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From the Editor

Kiplinger's Personal Finance editor Janet Bodnar passes the torch.

Track Down Your Forgotten Cash

States and government agencies are holding $40 billion. Is some of it yours?

How Home Buyers Can Overcome Tough Competition

To win in a hot market, take advantage of tech to find homes as soon as they are listed.

Easier Ways to Send Cash Fast

More banks and credit unions are offering peer-to-peer payments.

Apps for Tackling a To-Do List

Too busy to spend time on important but mundane tasks? Your smartphone may be able to help.

How Stocks React to Global Crises

History shows that after an initial dip, share prices tend to bounce back smartly.

Money & Ethics

Ways to protect borrowers from predatory home lending, by Knight Kiplinger

Protect Against Social Security Fraud

Protect against fraud by setting up an online account at any age.

Money Smart Women

Maximize your income in retirement, by Janet Bodnar

Opening Shot

Don't outsource your conscience, by James K. Glassman

Success Story

This nonprofit uses chess to help kids succeed in and out of school.

Your Mind, Your Money

To save more, focus on the future, by Anne Kates Smith


5 Strategies to Save $1 Million

A record number of people have reached the seven-figure milestone. Here's how to join them.

How I Thwarted ID Thieves

After they stole his name, our editor switched into high gear to prevent them from hijacking his sterling credit history.

How to Pay for College

The tab for a four-year education is mind-boggling. But don’t panic: You don’t have to save the entire cost.

The Best College Savings Plans, 2017

These state-sponsored 529 programs offer tax breaks, low fees and well-managed portfolios.

Savers Earn Slightly Better Yields

The Federal Reserve's rate hikes have (slightly) raised yields for savers.


5 Super ETFs

Our choices aim to beat traditional benchmarks.

Practical Investing

Adding two bargain stocks to my portfolio, by Kathy Kristof

What Happens to Your Target-Date Fund When You Hit Retirement Age

Target-date funds employ one of two basic asset-allocation strategies once you reach retirement age.

Robo Advisers Get the Human Touch

More automated advisory services are giving clients the chance to consult with financial planners and investment counselors.

Income Investing

Why muni fears are unfounded, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

The Kiplinger 25 Update

The past year has not been kind to Mairs & Power Growth.

Food Fight

Amazon is wreaking havoc on grocery stocks. But not all of them are toast.

Fund Spotlight

This fund’s goal: Invest in firms that can generate annual earnings gains of at least 15%.


New Strategies to Cut the Cable Cord

Next-generation strategies for getting rid of cable once and for all.

Fly to Europe Without the Frills

But be careful: Fares from cheap airlines may not be such a deal after you add in extra fees.

Then & Now

Scaling back on household expenses has helped this family stay on the right financial path for more than a decade.