Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2012

September issue of KPFM

Cover Story

Cut the Red Tape

Our solutions to 16 financial problems that tie you in knots.


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From The Editor

Pesky fees down under, by Janet Bodnar

Health Care Reform Could Cost You

Look for new taxes and benefit changes as the law rolls out.

Does Tactical Asset Allocation Mean Market Timing?

ETFs tempt more managers to try tactical asset allocation.

Money & Ethics

Class-action lawsuit or shakedown?, by Knight Kiplinger

New Rules for Renters

To find a place, you need big bucks, clean credit and quick reflexes.

Beware Fees on Student ID Cards Doubling as Debit Cards

Don’t be swayed by your school’s logo on the plastic.

Opening Shot

Why target-date funds are off-target for many investors, by James K. Glassman

Real Money

A soldier weighs retiring from the Army at age 40.


Great Funds for Growing Dividends

They buy stocks that boost payouts year in and year out.

Promised Land

Apple stock is still cheap, by Andrew Feinberg

Trusted Managers, New Funds

These funds are run by managers who went out on their own after achieving fine records elsewhere.

2012 Mutual Fund Rankings

We list which funds did best and which are worth owning now. Funds that focus on dividends and stability should thrive in a tough environment.

Kiplinger 25 Update

BBH Core Select buys businesses, not stocks.

Load Up on Buffett

Shares of Berkshire Hathaway are enticing, even if you account for a future without its celebrated leader.

Practical Investing

The wise investor doesn't leave tax strategy until the end of the year, by Kathy Kristof


Cut the Red Tape

Our solutions to 16 financial problems that tie you in knots.

Fix Your Passwords

Use these tactics to keep the bad guys out of your online accounts.

5 Smart Steps to Manage a Financial Windfall

Before you splurge, take time to consider all the financial angles and come up with a solid plan.

Rethinking Retirement

Don't count on working longer, by Eleanor Laise

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford responds to reader questions about ID theft, Roth IRA withdrawals, and more.

Where to Park Your Cash Now

These money market accounts, CDs and credit union checking accounts offer decent interest rates.


Best Cities for Every Life Stage

Whether you’re just starting your career or kicking back in retirement, we recommend affordable places with good jobs, good food and good fun.

Tech Review: Microsoft’s Windows 8

The tech giant’s operating system gets a makeover that plays well with tablets.

The Lowdown

6 things to know about concierge medicine.

My Story

A contest for entrepreneurial kids gave 10-year-old Aria Eppinger a chance to show off her business skills and meet Warren Buffett.