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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2010

September issue of KPFM

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10 Great Mutual Funds That Deliver High Income

Put more cash in your pocket and protection in your portfolio with these solid funds that pay good dividends and high interest.


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From The Editor

We pick the brains of the mutual fund managers and financial advisers who handle your money to see what makes them tick.

Financial Reform & Your Wallet

Game-changing rules for home loans, debit cards and more.

Interview: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Find the best health coverage for you via the new site.

Money & Ethics

Should I blow the whistle on a co-worker?, by Knight Kiplinger

Insurance Break for Early Retirees

Uncle Sam will reimburse some medical claims.

Tighter Reins on For-Profit Colleges

Do job prospects for grads justify high debt loads?

How Financial Reform Affects Investors

The law provides closer scrutiny of financial firms but can't outlaw panics.

Discovering Value

Why we like BP’s stock and two other comeback picks, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Opening Shot

Despite the risks lurking in this part of the world, Latin America offers excellent prospects for investors, by James Glassman.

Your Mind and Your Money

How biases affect your portfolio, by Robert Frick

Real Money: Cut Debt Now, Save Later

Sometimes whittling down credit-card balances trumps saving for retirement.


10 Great Mutual Funds That Deliver High Income

Put more cash in your pocket and protection in your portfolio with these solid funds that pay good dividends and high interest.

2 Key Numbers to Understanding Bond Funds

Get to know your bond funds by learning about these important data points.

How to Profit From the Market's Rocky Road Ahead

Three top fund managers see falling prices followed by inflation. Here's how they plan to profit from this grim scenario.

Great Days at BlackRock

The world's largest money manager runs more than 100 funds, 200 ETFs and the wealth of nations. What's next?

A Rock-Solid Stock Pick

BlackRock's heady growth has fueled the stock's terrific performance.

BlackRock Funds Worth a Look

You might consider these pricey funds if you invest through an adviser who waives the extra fees.

2010 Mutual Fund Rankings

The one-year returns are solid, but few investors seem to be cheering. We tell you which leaders -- in 11 fund categories -- are most likely to continue to excel.

Promised Land

Meditate on your portfolio to see the big picture and the small details, by Andrew Feinberg

Mutual Funds

Market upheavals can quickly swing industries from growth to value and back again -- and knock your portfolio off balance, by Russel Kinnel


On Sale: Retirement Havens

A weak economy triggers bargains and perks in all-inclusive continuing-care communities.

Best of the Rewards Cards

We found the best deals in four categories: travel, cash back, retail/gas and hybrid. Pick the one that fits your spending style.

12 New Rules for Your Money

Reflecting the new reality, we tweak some tried-and-true maxims of managing your finances.

The Latest Air Travel Outrages

Would you believe pay toilets and "vertical seats"?

Get a Break on College Costs

Even if your child is already in school, you can reap big state-tax benefits by feeding a 529 plan.

Insurance Help for the Chronically Ill

A new program offers coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

An Annuity You Really Should Avoid

Big promises but skimpy returns plague equity-indexed annuities.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford explains why most people should own a personal-liability umbrella policy.

Late Fees Ease, But Other Card Costs Rise

Card issuers have responded to new rules by imposing new, consumer-unfriendly policies.


A Green Car for Every Driver

Which fuel-efficient vehicle is right for you? That depends on how and where you drive.

The Latest, Greatest Smart Phones

These palmtops are bigger, brighter and faster, but each has a hitch or two.

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Contractor

Find the perfect person for the job, then put the details in writing to be sure you're on the same page.

My Story

A baseball fan buys a league of his own.