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August 2018

August issue of KPFM

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You Could Retire Here!

We found tax-friendly places with moderate living costs, first-class health care, and plenty to see and do.


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From the Editor

Each of the places in our cover story has attributes that are high on retirees’ wish lists.

Relax, Your Social Security Benefits Are Safe

But it's still important for you to pace your claiming strategy in order to get the most money you can.

Crooks Using New Schemes to Steal Your Identity

ID thieves are splicing together data from multiple victims, who are often in the dark.

Disaster Losses May Not Be Tax Deductible

But some states are stepping up to help vulnerable homeowners.

Is Your Active Mutual Fund Passive?

A new measure can tell you whether you own a closet index fund -- and may be better off with an actual low-cost index fund.

Watch Out for Online Travel Traps

Travel websites may not give you the full story on costs.

Opening Shot

Recommending homebuilders’ stocks isn’t the contrarian call it used to be. Now the concern is that they might be overvalued. But I think they still have room to run.

Rethinking Retirement

Start your search for post-retirement activities six to 12 months before you leave your job.


Great Places to Retire for Your Health

We found tax-friendly places with moderate living costs, first-class health care, and plenty to see and do.

The Best Bank for You, 2018

We've identified the banks and credit unions that offer the best combination of high rates, low fees and a customer-friendly focus.

Ask Kim

A tracking device on your car reveals how you drive. Good drivers are rewarded with policy discounts.

Some Self-Employed Taxpayers Get a Big Break Under New Law

The new tax law allows many self-employed workers to deduct up to 20% of qualified business income.

Travel Snag? Your Credit Card Could Help

Booking a trip with the right credit card can save you thousands.


6 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

These companies should deliver over the long haul. All you have to do is hang on.

Practical Investing

My stocks are doing so well it’s hard to find a laggard to sell to raise cash for new purchases.

Fund Watch

Go-anywhere bond fund managers can pick and choose from a complete menu of income investments.

The Kiplinger Dividend 15

After raising its payout for 14 years straight, CVS interrupted its streak in 2018.

Income Investing

Bank-loan funds and ETFs aren't the only interest-paying securities whose distributions vary with interest rates.

The Kiplinger 25

Parnassus Mid Cap hits a slump.

Fund Watch

After a few rough years, a small-cap fund rediscovers its mojo.


33 Super Deals and Discounts for 2018

We found 33 super deals and discounts on everything from travel to tech to exchange-traded funds.

Drive Time

If you travel more than, say, 150 miles from home more than a few times a year, I don't see an electric car working as your primary vehicle.

The Kiplinger Bookshelf

What's on our summer reading list.