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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

August 2013

August issue of KPFM

Cover Story

How to Retire Abroad

Adventurous retirees are moving to foreign countries where the climate and cost of living are enticing.


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From the Editor

6 rules for living with your boomerang kid, by Janet Bodnar

Treasury’s New Option for Savers: Floating-Rate Notes

With these controversial securities, you’ll earn more if rates go up.

Beware Bogus Charges on Your Mobile-Phone Bill

Take these steps to protect yourself from mobile cramming.

Banks Offering New Perks, Services

They’re polishing a tarnished image with better rates, no-strings checking accounts and cash to lure new customers.

Money & Ethics

Should employers research prospective employees online?, by Knight Kiplinger

Borrow From a Family Trust

Family mortgages give borrowers an edge and lenders a healthy return.

Higher Sin Taxes, Travel Taxes Across the States

States are raising taxes on gas, alcohol, cigarettes, car rentals and hotel stays.

My Point of View

Chill out in a hot home market, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

Fewer trades, more gains, by James K. Glassman

Game Plan

Roll old 401(k)s into an IRA or not?


What Now for the Dow: 30 Stocks to Buy, Sell, or Hold

Ten to buy, 18 to hold, two to sell among the Dow Industrials.

A Big Year for the Kiplinger Income 25

Our top high-yielding picks returned an impressive 18% in their first year. (Note: This special product is $4.99 for non-subscribers. Magazine subscribers, see page 30 of the August 2013 issue, or use coupon code kipincome25 to get a copy for free.)

Tax Breaks for Investors

We serve up 10 strategies that can help you fork over less to the IRS.

Add Costco to Your Cart

The stock isn't as cheap as the merchandise, but the warehouse giant deserves a premium price.

Going Long

Bernanke got it right, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Lessons From Apple’s Fall

Things weren't as good as they seemed at the stock's peak, and they're not as bad as they seem now.

Cash in Hand

Income-stock bubble? No way, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Kiplinger 25 Update

Matthews Asian Growth and Income joins the Kiplinger 25.

Value Added

Use funds to invest in bonds, by Steven Goldberg

ETF Spotlight

An ETF to prosper from Japan’s recovery.

Practical Investing

History says stick with stocks, by Kathy Kristof

Fund Spotlight

The son of Vanguard’s founder uses computer models to identify attractive small-company stocks for Bogle Small Cap Growth.


Credit or Debit: Pick Your Plastic

Debit cards help you budget, but credit cards are more likely to protect you from life's little disasters.

5 Types of Insurance You Don't Need

Some niche products are pricey and riddled with exclusions.

Rethinking Retirement

The benefits of aging in place, by Jane Bennett Clark

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Vacation protection can make sense, but know what it does and doesn't cover.

Ask Kim

Get storm claims paid fast, by Kimberly Lankford

The Downside of Online Home-Price Estimators

Don't bet the ranch on an online home-price estimator.

Best Sites to Save on Auto Insurance

Go online to find the lowest rates.

5 New Rules on Student Loans

Whether you're taking out a federal student loan or entering repayment, get up to speed on these changes.

Track Your Credit-Card Rewards and Frequent-Flier Miles

This online tool and mobile app can help you make the most of your loyalty points.


How to Retire Abroad

Adventurous retirees are moving to foreign countries where the climate and cost of living are enticing.

Build Your Retirement Home Before You Retire

Enjoy the home now for recreation and relaxation, and expand or adapt it gradually to function as a permanent residence.

Drive Time

Best cars for young drivers, by Jessica Anderson

Best Ways to Share and Store Your Photos Online

You’ve taken thousands of digital pics of the kids, the cat and the Grand Canyon. Be sure to save them securely.

The Lowdown

6 things you must know about collectibles.

3 Simple Steps

X-ray your investment portfolio to maintain the proper asset allocation. Here's how.