Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

July 2015

July issue of KPFM

Cover Story

Midyear Investing Outlook: Where to Put Your Money Now

The higher the stock market climbs, the harder it is to score big gains. You may find better opportunities abroad.


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From the Editor

Timely advice for investors, by Janet Bodnar

Paychecks Are Getting Bigger

But raises aren’t widespread yet. Neither is inflation.

Why the Drought Won’t Hike Food Prices

California farmers get creative to channel water to key crops.

How Using a Fitness Band Can Save You Money

Using a fitness band to monitor your activity could cut insurance costs.

2 Easy Ways to Give to Charity

Make donating money to good causes as routine as checking Facebook.

Debit Rewards on the Rebound

You can earn cash by making purchases from participating merchants.

Money & Ethics

Honoring end-of-life wishes, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

Don’t give up on actively managed mutual funds, by James K. Glassman

Small Business Success Story: Daisy Cakes

How one woman turned family recipes into a tasty profit.

Rethinking Retirement

Plan for retirement like a pro, by Jane Bennett Clark


Promised Land

The secret to safely investing in biotech, by Andrew Feinberg

9 Mutual Funds for Volatile Markets

Worried about the stock market but don't want to bail out? Our picks will help you cut your risk.

ETF Spotlight

A unique strategy to prosper from junk bonds.

Practical Investing

Being a clever investor isn't always smart, by Kathy Kristof

3 Winning Airline Stocks

With greater stability (and fewer carriers), the industry is generating huge profits. These companies should continue to soar.

7 Banks and Brokers That Pay You to Open Accounts

Move your cash to earn more cash.

Income Investing

Why yields won’t take off, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Kiplinger 25 Update

Emerging markets stage a comeback.

Fund Spotlight

A mutual fund that aims for 9% returns overseas.


9 Best Rewards Credit Cards

We picked plastic that pays you back no matter how you tend to spend.

Living With an Uneven Income

When your cash flow is unpredictable but your bills arrive like clockwork, you need an ironclad plan.

Get Cash From Your Home

It’s easier now to tap the equity in your house, and rates are still attractive. But you’ll need a top credit score.

Build a Post-Career Plan With a Retirement Coach

Discover what you really want to do in your second act.

Money Manners

The right ways to split the bill at a restaurant.

Inside Scoop

4 things you must know about shopping at the Apple store.

Ask Kim

How snowbirds can trim tax bills in retirement, by Kimberly Lankford

Best Ways to Pay Overseas

Don’t let fees and unfavorable exchange rates drive up the cost of your vacation.

How Much to Save for an Emergency

A new tool from HelloWallet helps you calculate the right dollar amount for you.


Dynamite Deals and Fabulous Freebies

Everyone loves a bargain. But sometimes you simply don't have the time to scout out the best deals. That's where we come in.

Drive Time

Should you buy a rental car?, by David Muhlbaum


6 things you must know about low-water lawns.

Then and Now

Tina Huang and Mickey Pentecost: Stretching a small income paid off big.