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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

July 2011

July issue of KPFM

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20 Financial Innovations Changing Your Life Today

New ideas and new technology are helping us save, spend, invest smarter than ever.


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From The Editor

Financial innovations are helping us save, spend, invest, and retire smarter, by Janet Bodnar

Feds Cracking Down on Insider Trading

A wave of fraud cases hits Wall Street. Here’s what it means to you.

Interview With Arturo Perez: State Budgets Still Squeezed

Rising Medicaid and school costs outstrip improving revenues.

Money & Ethics

Should I give handouts to panhandlers?, by Knight Kiplinger

For Bank Card Shopping, Chip Beats Strip

More secure chip technology replaces the magnetic strip.

Penny Auctions Don’t Always Add Up

Penny auctions promise deep discounts, but you rarely win.

New Passenger-Friendly Rules for Air Travel

You'll be entitled to compensation for lost luggage and getting bumped from a flight.

Discovering Value

Foreign stocks on sale, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Real Money

What to do with old 401(k) accounts.

Your Mind & Your Money

Are you a gambler or an investor?, by Robert Frick

Opening Shot

Exchange-traded funds are easy to trade and offer you an affordable way to build a diversified portfolio, by James Glassman


2011 Midyear Investing Outlook: Stocks and the Economy Face Off

Can the U.S. stock market overcome an increasingly shaky economy?

2011 Midyear Investing Outlook: What Now for Bonds?

Consider bond funds run by seasoned pros to navigate this tricky fixed-income environment.

Downgrade in the U.S. Debt Rating Could Have Grim Consequences

Corporations are doing a much better job of staying in the black than governments.

Where to Invest for the Rest of 2011

Take advantage of these three opportunities now.

Trendy Teen Retailers Make Totally Hot Stocks

A trip to the mall reveals which shops the cool kids think are worth investing in right now.

7 Ways Not to Buy Gold

If you insist on owning the yellow metal itself, beware of rip-offs. Plus, the safest places to buy gold.

This Rydex ETF Gives an Industrial-Strength Performance

This unusual fund doesn’t let big companies dominate.

Promised Land

The dismal long-term prospects for the U.S. economy, by Andrew Feinberg

Reap Profits on Food Stocks

As the world's appetite expands, share prices are up, but opportunities remain.

Cash in Hand

Bill Gross starts an ETF, by Jeffrey Kosnett

What Now for Precious Metals?

Gold still glows, but even after a selloff, silver looks pricey.

A Balanced Fund With Attitude

The little-known Villere Balanced Fund scores in a conservative category by focusing on small companies.


20 Financial Innovations Changing Your Life Today

New ideas and new technology are helping us save, spend, invest smarter than ever.

Does Grad School Pay Off?

We look at how much you’ll make – and how much you’ll owe – after earning advanced degrees in five popular fields.

Use Social Media to Retool Your Career

Follow these for steps to showcase your job or find a new one.

Rethinking Retirement

Too young to be old, by Mary Beth Franklin

Hire a Contractor Who Measures Up

Insist on a license or you forfeit your legal and insurance protections.

6 Tax-Smart Ways to Help Your Kids (or Grandkids)

Uncle Sam (and some states) will reward you for helping pay for a child's college education.

I-Bonds Trounce Bank Yields

If those CD rates are looking a bit sorry, consider this strategy.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford tackles questions about paying taxes on a 2010 Roth IRA conversion and more.


How to Complain and Get Results

From letter writing to tweeting, use all of the weapons in your arsenal.

Ultra Thin Laptops: Worth the Cost?

This portable computers combine svelte styling and functionality.

Drive Time

Cheapest cars to own, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

What you need to know about summer travel, by Susannah Snider

My Story

A former insurance-industry executive turns a passion into a second career.