Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

June 2013

June issue of KPFM

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45 Ideas for Getting More Yield

Pick the low-hanging fruit, or reach for more luscious returns.


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From the Editor

Hope for retirement, by Janet Bodnar

More Jobs for 2013 Grads

Business and tech remain in demand, but there's hope for liberal arts majors.

Is Housing in Bubble Trouble?

Investors have been scooping up homes to rent or flip. Sound familiar?

Money & Ethics

Should firms share the wealth with workers?, by Knight Kiplinger

Student Loan Rates Are Headed Up

Congress probably won't extend the interest break to new loans.

Hostels Go Upscale

Traditionally low-rent digs now offer private rooms plus plenty of perks.

Rich Investors Pay Less for Financial Advice

A six-figure portfolio buys more advice for a lower fee.

My Point of View

A bold 401(k) overhaul, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

Betting on the natural gas boom, by James K. Glassman

Game Plan

Borrowing from your 401(k) to finance a home.


When Will Interest Rates Head Up?

The Fed is keeping yields artificially low and shows no signs of changing course.

Going Long

Profits are powering stocks, by Jeremy J. Siegel

These Funds Will Benefit from Japan's Rebound

The foreign funds you own likely hold Japanese stocks. But you may want to boost your stake.

ETF Spotlight

This ETF profits from the industrial revival.

Cash in Hand

Investing lessons for income seekers, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Best Brokers for Free ETFs

You won't pay a commission, but you may get hit with a fee if you sell too soon.

Beware These 5 Problematic High-Yield Investments

These investments promise big payouts. But they could empty your pockets.

4 Big-Bank Stocks Worth a Buy

Still priced below pre-crisis levels, these financial companies have bounced back and have room to grow.

Value Added

Oakmark International is a peerless overseas fund, by Steven Goldberg

Practical Investing

Cut investment fees, reap the rewards, by Kathy Kristof

Cruise Stocks on Sale

Wall Street may have overreacted to recent misadventures.

Fund Spotlight

This fund marries value with momentum.


The Elusive Rewards and High Costs of Being a Whistleblower

An army of whistleblowers is being enlisted to fight fraud. Before you join their ranks, consider the toll it could take on your family and career.

Rethinking Retirement

Creative housing for seniors, by Jane Bennett Clark

What's Your Retirement Number?

The quick-and-dirty formulas meant to motivate you to save more.

Why You Don't Need a Living Trust

They're costly and often overhyped.

Polish Your Online Image

Compromising photos or offensive posts could deflate your career prospects.

Should You Cosign a Loan?

If you put your name on the line, you risk dinging your own credit.

Don''t Get Rid of Your Landline Phone

Dropping your service might not save you any money.

A Credit Score That Cuts You a Break

Changes to the formula for VantageScore may benefit the millions of consumers who are currently scoreless.


Cheap Cloud Computers

Models that run Google's Web-based operating system cost as little as $200.

6 Things You Must Know About Identity Theft

The number of victims is going up. Don't become a statistic.

3 Simple Steps to Get More Miles to the Gallon

Make these changes to your car to get better gas mileage.