Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

June 2012

June issue of KPFM

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Make Your Dreams Come True

Find inspiration in these real-life success stories.


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From The Editor

You don't necessarily need a bright idea or a winning lottery ticket to amass millions, by Janet Bodnar

Kiplinger's Revised Market Forecast for 2012

There are plenty of risks, but chances are the market will move even higher.

The Looming Threat of Student Debt

It could hobble the economy, but borrowers have a new advocate.

Money & Ethics

Is it ethical to opt out of health insurance?, by Knight Kiplinger

Ground Rules for Boomerang Kids

It’s okay to help, but don’t coddle.

Should You Give an Employer Your Facebook Password?

Don't be too quick to give up your password -- and, along with it, your right to privacy.

Opening Shot

5 stock picks among online retailers, by James K. Glassman

My Point of View

Working women are, at last, getting a "fair break," by Knight Kiplinger

Your Mind Your Money

How "Generation Hexed" can overcome its fear of investing, by Robert Frick


7 Stocks That Let You Sleep Tight

If you’re worried about a market meltdown, curl up with huge companies that generate steady profits.

Landmark Buildings You Can Invest in

They're not all great investments, but, from a bragging-rights perspective, the opportunity to say you own a piece of the Empire State Building is intriguing.

Insider Interview: Robert Shiller

In his latest book, the Yale economics professor offers ideas for fixing the world of finance.

Practical Investing

Columnist and individual investor Kathy Kristof picks six stocks to fight inflation.

Macy's: Back in Fashion

A change in business strategy has helped the department store chain thrive in a tough climate for retailers.

Value Added

Just say no to IPOs, by Steven Goldberg

Fairholme Fund Bounces Back

After a miserable 2011, Bruce Berkowitz's fund is back -- but we still think it's too risky for most investors.

'Set-and-Forget' Investment Strategy Gets Cheaper

Get help managing your investment portfolios, no matter how small.

ETF Spotlight

If you’re partial to huge firms with solid growth credentials, you’ll love Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Growth ETF.

The Mystery of Oceanstone

The fund's performance has been impressive, but its managers' silence makes it hard to recommend.

Kiplinger 25 Update

The Merger Fund is treading water.

Going Long

Investors, relax about rising interest rates, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Fund Spotlight

Tomorrow's biotech winners fuel these Fidelity funds.

Cash In Hand

Treasuries demystified, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett


What It Takes to Buy a Home

Homes are affordable and mortgage rates are low. Are your finances ready for the leap?

How to Protect Your Identity, Finances if You Lose Your Phone

It’s a gold mine for ID thieves. Take steps to protect your information.

7 Great Credit Unions Anyone Can Join

Become a member, and get a better deal on checking accounts, mortgages and car loans.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford tackles your questions about preparing your home and finances from summer storms, tapping retirement funds for a down payment, and more.

Lower the Rate on All Your Loans

Rock-bottom interest rates are good news for borrowers.

Have It Your Way With This Credit Card

Barclaycard Ring MasterCard encourages cardholders to join an online community.


Get Home Phone Service for Less Than $10 a Month

Talk really is cheap these days.

The Lowdown

6 things to know about the new airline rules.

My Story

A systems-analyst-turned-writer's novel idea bears fruit.