Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

June 2011

June issue of KPFM

Cover Story

Energy Crisis 2.0

The bad news: Shaky oil supplies and nuclear fallout fuel higher prices. The good news: You can make money with smart investments and save money on gas and utilities. We show you how.


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From The Editor

Secrets to landing a job, by Janet Bodnar

Covering Your Online Tracks

New legislation in Congress aims to limit what Internet marketers can find out about you

Interview With Anat Admati: Banks Still Too Sick to Pay Dividends

Bank shareholders should take a back seat to taxpayers

Money & Ethics

Is it right to make large payments to the birth mother during the adoption process?, by Knight Kiplinger

Infected Apps Lead to Smart-Phone Scams

You may be downloading trouble

ID Theft Remains Top FTC Complaint

Phony pleas for help are also high on the FTC's complaint list

Entrepreneurs Are Back in the Game

More workers are going it alone, but getting a loan is still tough

My Point of View

Who benefits from affordable homes?, by Knight Kiplinger

Discovering Value

Don’t be afraid to stick with a good stock for the long haul, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Opening Shot

Don’t bank on bank stocks, by James K. Glassman

Your Mind & Your Money

Protect your money from age-related problem-solving failures, by Robert Frick

Real Money

A bond strategy to protect your savings, by John Miley


Why the U.S. Faces Ongoing Energy Challenges

Nearly 40 years after the first energy crisis, we continue to rely heavily on oil, much of it from unstable countries

14 Energy Stocks to Power Your Portfolio

These compelling buys in oil, gas, coal, nuclear and renewables offer sizzling opportunities for investors

4 Funds for Investing in Energy

Buying into energy through mutual funds may be safer and more convenient than purchasing individual stocks

Japan’s Nuclear Fallout Creates Opportunities for Utility Stocks

Shares of Exelon, the nation’s largest producer of nuclear energy, appear poised for a comeback

Going Long

Stocks are the best inflation hedge, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Cash in Hand

Buy REITs for growth, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Will Inflation Take Off?

Our experts disagree on the effects of government stimulus and soaring oil prices

New ETFs for Offbeat Niches

You can now buy ag stocks and bet against junk bonds

The Case for Funds That Make Nice to Investors

A new Morningstar study suggests that funds with high "stewardship" grades tend to perform better than those with low grades


How to Save on Utility Bills and Trips to the Gas Station

Powering your home and car takes a big bite out of your family budget. We show you how to fight back with small fixes to reduce your usage

What It Takes to Be a Landlord

A couple of pros share their hard-nosed approach to buying low and renting high

Life Insurance After 50

If your term life policy is ending but your needs continue, consider the cash-value alternative

New Lower-Cost Reverse Mortgage Option

There may be a better way to tap your home equity

Newlyweds: How to Blend Your Finances

Figuring out how to combine your finances means fewer things to fight about

7 Little-Known Credit-Card Perks

Points and cash back are only a fraction of the things your card can do for you

The Dark Side of Student Debt

Defaulting on your loans can ruin your financial life. We show you how to repair the damage

Charity at the Checkout

Adding a few dollars to your grocery tab might help a group in need, but the gesture means giving away control of your charitable decision

Ask Kim: No Holiday for Identity Thieves

Take extra precautions to guard your personal information while traveling


How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car

Prices are higher, but our strategies will help you land a bargain

Tools and Tricks to Slay Your Home’s Energy Vampires

They suck electricity even when you're not using them

The Lowdown

What you need to know about e-reading, by Jeff Bertolucci