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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

May 2014

May issue of KPFM

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Strike It Rich: How to Profit From Your Passion

See how these entrepreneurs achieved small-business success.


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From the Editor

How we pick the Kip 25, by Janet Bodnar

Why You’ll Soon Pay More for Water

Droughts and aging pipes mean we’ll pay more for H2O.

Secrets of Start-Up Success

Research and preparation are the keys to getting off the ground.

Liberal-Arts Degrees Pay Off in the End

At the peak of their careers, graduates who studied humanities and social sciences out-earn other majors.

Get Used to Virtual Banking

Branch closures set a new record. Expect more mobile and ATM services.

Cheaper Options for Using Your Smart Phone While Traveling Abroad

Take your smart phone abroad without paying a fortune to use it.

Money & Ethics

Goverment reparations for oppressive acts, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

5 tactics that help patient investors prosper, by James K. Glassman


Don't Bail on Emerging Markets

Strategiest Michelle Gibley tells emerging-markets investors to keep a small stake but brace for a bumpy ride.

Promised Land

Two surprising telecom stocks with great growth potential, by Andrew Feinberg

7 Great Growth Stocks Based in Israel

The embattled Middle Eastern nation is a technology powerhouse.

Practical Investing

The upside of down stock markets, by Kathy Kristof

6 Promising New Mutual Funds

No track record? No problem. Bill Miller's latest venture and five others are worth a shot.

Small Banks, Big Dividends

These six banks regularly raise their payouts and yield more than the market.

Fund Spotlight

A muni fund that pays more.

Energy Stocks That Pay 4% and Up

If you crave income, you’ll love master limited partnerships. We tell you how to spot the winners.

Cash in Hand

The great bond shortage, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

ETF Spotlight

An ETF that benefits from a rise in consumer spending.


Work Longer and Prosper

Staying on the job a few extra years can deliver a more secure retirement.

Insider Tips From the Pros

Money-making and money-saving advice from our favorite industry experts.

Game Plan

Should you invest in your employer's Roth 401(k) option?

Smarter Ways to Give

Our tips will give you more bang for your charitable buck.

Avoid Credit-Repair Scams

Make sure you visit the correct site to get your free annual credit report.


Strike It Rich: How to Profit From Your Passion

See how these entrepreneurs achieved small-business success.

Drive Time

Best cars for families, by Jessica Anderson

3 Great Tablet/Laptop Computer Hybrids

Second-generation Windows8 devices give you the best of both touch-screen and desktop computers.


6 things you must know about tech cleanup.

3 Simple Steps

How to track your tax refund.