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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

April 2020

April issue of KPFM

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Invest in the Planet

We found green stocks, bonds and funds that should put a little green in your portfolio, too.


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Home Sweet Asset

A home is a valuable and versatile financial tool that can help you increase your wealth.

States Lower Taxes to Court Retirees

The tax breaks range from property tax exemptions to tax-free retirement plan withdrawals.

Is College Still a Good Investment?

Rising college costs and heavy debt have raised doubts about the payoff from a college degree.

Changes Are Coming to Your Credit Score

FICO’s newest model takes a long-term look at how you’ve managed credit.

A Safer Way to Share Your Data

Financial institutions are turning to application programming interfaces to securely share info with budgeting apps and tax software programs.

Coronavirus Infects Global Markets

Daily updates about the COVID-19 virus are rattling investors’ nerves everywhere.


6 Stocks, 3 Bond Funds That Are Good for the Environment and Your Portfolio

These companies and bond funds prosper by addressing environmental challenges.

Funds That Prosper From Fighting Climate Change

These funds and ETFs take varying approaches to sustainable investing.

What Kills Bull Markets

We don’t think this record run is over yet — but we’re watching these signs.

Don’t Give Up on Energy Stocks

Remember the “peak oil” fears? Looks like we’ll be pulling oil and gas from the ground for decades to come.

The Income Rally Roars On

Gripes about market risks now seem feeble. And sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make.

Two Kiplinger Dividend 15 Picks Hit a Rough Patch

Giants 3M and ExxonMobil are on our watch list at the moment as lawsuits and sliding oil prices become potential hurdles to clear.

Is Your Mutual Fund Politically Biased?

A recent study showed that partisan-leaning managers invest about 43% of assets in firms whose executives share the managers’ party affiliation.

Artisan Developing World: So Far, So Good

A stake in multinationals buoys this fund when developing markets sink.

Legg Mason’s LVHD: More Income, Less Turbulence

This ETF uses two tactics to smooth returns.

A Deep Bench Bodes Well for Fidelity Intermediate Municipal Income

Another manager is retiring, but this fund is run by a dynamic team of mostly longtime members.


Tapping the Power of a Health Savings Account

Health savings accounts help defray the cost of high-deductible health plans. They’re also a powerful way to invest for retirement.

Money Smart Women

Make sure you have access to key accounts, and keep things as simple as possible.

Best Values in Tax Software tax editor Rocky Mengle breaks down our newly released tax software rankings. Also, our hosts Sandy Block and Ryan Ermey discuss the ins and outs of trip insurance in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Great Accounts for an Emergency Fund

Several will help you grow your money and are less stressful than a loan when you need fast cash.


Money Management Advice for Expat Retirees

You need to take extra steps to handle everything from banking to health care.

Expect Surprises in Retirement

Financially, your experiences have been mixed—and sometimes eye-opening.


Good Debt, Bad Debt: Knowing the Difference

It’s often smart to borrow to boost your income and your assets.

Can You Count on Social Security?

I think benefits will be available in some form, but I’m not relying on them for the bulk of my income.

What Drives Stock Returns?

Hint: It’s more than just company profits.

Home Prices on the Rise

A tight supply of homes for sale and lower mortgage rates are pushing up home values. Sellers and homeowners are reaping the rewards.


Should You Buy Your Next Car New or Used?

There are cases when it’s better to buy new than used. Look for low-priced cars with high resale value.