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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

April 2018

April issue of KPFM

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Stop Wasting Money

You may be wasting thousands of dollar every year. We have 28 ways to fix your money leaks.


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From the Editor

My Schwab account ballooned to $100,000. That's when the greed and day-trader mentality took over.

What to Do When the Bull Market Stumbles

Corrections like the one in early February made plenty of investors nervous, but they can offer a good time to reset your investing strategy.

How to Complain and Get Results

Keep your cool, create a paper trail and take it all the way to the top if you need to.

Check All Living Costs Before Moving

Home prices are just one factor you should consider when choosing a city.

National Parks Increase Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to some popular national park locations will jump by 50%.

Beware Closing Cost Scams

Home buyers are being tricked into wiring their money to crooks.

Opening Shot

Investments in crops, metals, energy, currencies and other tangible things tend to go up when stocks and bonds go down.

Small-Business Success: Greenway Farms of Georgia

A former sheriff and assistant D.A. go back to their roots, raising livestock on 132 acres.

Millennial Money

Budgeting is work, but it allows you to spend your money on what you value most.

Rethinking Retirement

Many of you wanted to know what kind of coverage I chose. That’s still a work in progress.

Crowdsourcing: What Was Your Biggest Financial Mistake

Kiplinger readers share how they managed to bounce back from a major financial mistake.

Your Mind, Your Money

Objecs that have special meaning to you could be the key to identifying your savings goals.


Stop Wasting Money

You may be wasting thousands of dollar every year. We have 28 ways to fix your money leaks.

Home Prices Keep Climbing

A tap on the brakes from the new tax law may be just what the market needs.

Insurance for Home Sharers

Home-sharing services and your homeowners policy may cover liability and damages by tenants, but the insurance may fall short.

Lottery Winnings & Social Security

The sudden windfall won't reduce your benefits. Here's why.

529s for Private Colleges

How you can use the money at colleges in the plan, and even at those who aren't.

Cancel a Rewards Card?

Why you might want to hold on to that account.

Get In on a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Equifax

Here's some guidance on whether to be a part of the lawsuit or go solo.

Tax Tips

This is may be your last chance to claim some tax deductions. We help you make the most of them.


7 Growth Stocks With Great Promise

These small and midsize companies should pay off over the long haul.

Income Investing

Investors may be jittery about the Fed's plans to bump up rates this year, but you may be able to benefit.

The Kiplinger Dividend 15

Our picks trailed the S&P 500 index as the market's love went to companies with the fastest earnings growth.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Investing in cryptocurrencies is dicey. Instead, consider the underlying technology.

Fund Watch

The managers of this Kiplinger 25 fund prefer to stay out of the limelight.

Practical Investing

Our columnist happily seized the moment to buy two stocks that had been on her wish list for a long time: Costco and Boeing.

Fund Watch

Plumb Equity Fund looks for big stocks with staying power.


Charitable Giving Under the New Tax Law

The new tax law may discourage donations. But you can still support your causes and reduce your tax bill with these strategies.

To Your Health

We asked patient advocates who focus on helping consumers with their medical bills to share some secrets.

Is It Taxable?

You may be surprised at the sources of income and good fortune that are taxable.