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March 2019

March issue of KPFM

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Our Guide to Saving on Your 2018 Taxes

We help you navigate the ins and outs of the new tax law and get the biggest refund—or lowest tax bill—possible.


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From the Editor

For hundreds of thousands of federal workers, this is a true test of financial preparedness.

Stock Watch

Investors wonder if it’s sink or swim for stocks. Our take: time to bottom-fish.

Find a Financial Planner Who’s a Cool Cucumber

Don’t panic, and look for an adviser who will look out for your best interests.

Services to Speed TSA Security: What’s Worth It?

CLEAR uses biometrics to speed you through airport screening, but it’s pricey.

Relief for Student Borrowers

These workarounds may help borrowers who are ill, whose school closed, or who have other college debt issues.

How to Avoid Cashing Out Your 401(k)

It’s easier to transfer your savings to your new employer’s plan.

He Learned to Trade for Profit – and Can Teach You, Too

Raymond Rondeau says technical analysis, plus emotional discipline, are the keys to investing success.

Opening Shot

When times are tough, people are still willing to spend a buck to be amused.

Money Smart Women

Women face all the financial challenges that men face—plus a longer life span.

Millennial Money

Your savings can bail you out of a situation you may not think of as an emergency.


Our Guide to Saving on Your Taxes

We help you navigate the ins and outs of the new tax law and get the biggest refund—or lowest tax bill—possible.

How to Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

Reducing prescreened card offers makes it less likely that an ID thief will intercept them and take out credit in your name.

Know the Benefits of a Roth 401(k)

Determine whether it’s important for you to have tax-free money in retirement.

Fighting a Drug Coverage Denial

These workarounds should help curb the Rx stalemate.

Tax Breaks for Charitable Work

Here’s why it’s important to have a detailed log of your expenses while working with a charity.

How to Afford Long-Term Care

Your options range from conventional coverage to tapping your life insurance benefits.

Annuities Pitched With a Free Dinner? Be Wary

When a financial adviser invites you to a free meal, complicated, high-cost flavors of annuities are often on the menu.

Virtual Credit Card Numbers Cut Fraud Risk

Randomly generated numbers linked to your account means you won't have to carry your card.


Our 2019 Mutual Fund Guide

Funds are lowering expense ratios — and more than ever are free. Here’s how to take advantage of this changing landscape.

Stock Watch

This technical indicator can help predict where stocks are headed.

Fund Watch

We've traded VanEck Vectors Fallen Angels High Yield for iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond to tamp down risk among our favorite exchange-traded funds.

Income Investing

There’s more to bond investing than picking funds that adhere closely to an index or cling to the apparent safety of Treasuries.

Practical Investing

Our Practical Investing columnist, Kathy Kristof, invests in a “smart” index fund that hasn’t proven all that bright through the recent dark days of the market.

9 Stocks That Smart Managers Like Now

We asked a few smart bargain hunters to share where they’re finding good values now.


Where Home Prices Are Headed in 2019

Prices will continue rising, but more slowly, as the housing market regains some balance between buyers and sellers.

Betting on March Madness Is Big Business

Several states now allow legal sports betting. Before the tournament kicks off in Dayton, here’s what you need to know.