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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

March 2017

March issue of KPFM

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6 Steps to Retire When You Want

If you hope to quit your job earlier than later, here's how to make it work.


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From the Editor

Should you invest in actively managed or index funds?, by Janet Bodnar

4 Ways Higher Interest Rates Will Affect Your Pocketbook

Borrowers will get dinged right away; savers will have to wait for higher returns.

How to Protect Your Rewards Points and Miles From Theft

Monitor your loyalty rewards as you would your bank accounts.

7 Ways to File Your Taxes Free

Do-it-yourself filers who would prefer to give the IRS its due without shelling out money for the privilege have new options.

Expats Find a Home for Their Money

The State Department’s credit union opens its doors to Americans overseas.

It Just Got a Bit Easier to Buy a Higher-Priced Home

Limits on conforming home loans are on the rise.

Money & Ethics

How should I handle a tax windfall that I don't want?, by Knight Kiplinger

The Tradeoffs We Make at Trendy Discount Grocers Like Aldi

More stores are serving up high-quality food at bargain prices.

Success Story

This startup's headphones lull you to sleep.

Opening Shot

The best ways to invest in bonds now, by James K. Glassman


6 Steps to Retire When You Want

If you hope to quit your job earlier than later, here's how to make it work.

Game Plan

Make a tax-free move from a 401(k) to a Roth IRA.

Credit, Debit or Cash?

Each method has pros and cons. Your best best is to stay flexible.

Money Smart Women

Build your own company, by Janet Bodnar

Why You Need Disability Insurance

A group policy from work probably won’t replace enough of your income to meet your needs.

Lessons From the Credit-Score Elite

Simple steps for how to improve your credit score.

Then & Now

This super-saver family has reaped big rewards.


The Best Way to Invest in Index Funds

Build a portfolio that balances index funds with actively managed funds to get the best returns over time.

Earn Up to 6% From Our Fund Portfolios

Our mutual fund and ETF portfolios deliver attractive yields while helping to lower risk.

Mutual Fund Rankings, 2017

Despite a host of concerns, stocks shine, with small caps leading the way.

Income Investing

Don't dump your dividend stocks, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

The Kiplinger 25 Update

The U.S.'s biggest bond fund fears the U.S. economy is peaking.

The Kiplinger ETF 20 Update

We add a real estate fund to our list.


Smart Strategies to Get More Sleep

Do more than just count sheep to pay down your sleep debt.

Time to Ditch Your Glasses?

These techniques may eliminate the need for glasses.

Travel Trend: Cruises Expanding Their Fitness, Wellness Programs

More cruises are catering to the fitness crowd.