Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

March 2014

March issue of KPFM

Cover Story

6 Steps to Retire When You Want

Our plan will help you choose your timetable and get you there on schedule.


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From The Editor

The right age to retire, by Janet Bodnar

What Investors Should Know About Share Buybacks

With share prices at record highs, the trend is likely to slow.

Employers Trim Their 401(k) Fees

Lower expenses and cheaper share classes are good news for workers.

Preserve Your Air Travel Perks

Customers of American and US Airways may have to scramble to use rewards.

One Card That Claims to Do It All

This device stores data from all your cards.

Fee Relief for Wireless Users

Congress will consider a moratorium on taxes that inflate your cell-phone bill.

Money & Ethics

Should news organizations pay their sources?, by Knight Kiplinger

Success Story

Twin brothers start a business to build a better chocolate-covered berry.

Opening Shot

4 newspaper stocks with turnaround potential, by James K. Glassman


Cash In on the Next Big Thing

These trailblazing companies -- 3M,, Ford Motor, General Electric and Illumina -- know how to translate their innovations into profits.

5 Lessons From This Bull Market

What we've learned from the market's astonishing rise -- and preceding free fall.

5 European Stocks to Buy Now

The budding economic recovery in Europe makes big banks and consumer-goods makers attractive.

Promised Land

Swimming in a cesspool, by Andrew Feinberg

Behind a Bond Giant's Stumble

Big drops in the value of inflation-protected securities and emerging-markets debt send Pimco reeling.

Practical Investing

My stocks are like family, by Kathy Kristof

Cash In Hand

Investors give Bernanke an A, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

7 Clues for Investors to Look for Within Annual Reports

You don't have to be Warren Buffett to know what makes a company tick.

Kiplinger 25 Update

A boffo year for our stock funds.

Fund Spotlight

A top performer among global funds, Artisan Global Value banks on the financial sector.


6 Steps to Retire When You Want

Our plan will help you choose your timetable and get you there on schedule.

Game Plan

How to get your property taxes reduced.

How to Complain

To get results, be prepared and be persistent. It also pays to be civil.

Fast Fixes for 10 Common Money Mishaps

These ten financial headaches don’t have to turn into migraines.

Ask Kim

How to add personal liability umbrella coverage, by Kimberly Lankford

What to Do About the Target Data Theft

Scammers may have your credit-card and debit-card numbers, along with other personal information. Here's how to protect your accounts.


The Lowdown

5 things you must know about streaming audio.

3 Simple Steps

How to safeguard your jewelry.