Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

March 2012

March issue of KPFM

Cover Story

New Strategies to Ease Into a Secure Retirement

Design the lifestyle you want, and make sure you have the money to pay for it.


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From The Editor

Striving, at all ages, to secure retirement, by Janet Bodnar

Public Pensions Get an Overhaul

State workers say hello to 401(k) plans and so long to automatic cost-of-living boosts.

Interview With Laura Rittenhouse: What You Can Learn From Shareholder Letters

A less-than-candid letter to shareholders could be a red flag.

Money & Ethics

Should athletes share in their school's profits?, by Knight Kiplinger

Selling E-Books to Earn Extra Cash

With low production costs and little hassle, creating an e-book can help boost your income and reputation.

Brand-Name Drugs at Generic Prices

Steep discounts for Lipitor could be the new off-patent model.

Opening Shot

Small bank stocks worth buying, by James K. Glassman

Your Mind Your Money

Angst over annuities, by Robert Frick

Real Money

Smart ways to manage student debt.


Bond Funds That Put Cash in Your Pocket

We identify funds and ETFs that deliver the best yields without taking big chances.

Promised Land

A humbling year for a hedge-fund manager, by Andrew Feinberg

Practical Investing

Individual investor Kathy Kristof likes beaten-down stocks with solid dividends. But management counts, too.

Stock Up on Staples Stocks

Cash in on companies that make stuff we buy in good times and bad.

When a Target-Date Fund Nears Its Target

Avoid a nasty surprise by knowing your retirement fund's strategy.

Cash In Hand

Option-income closed-end funds are a better income option, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

6 Winning Stocks For $10 or Less

Our list includes a couple of battered blue chips, as well as some small, fast-growing companies you’ve never heard of.

ETF Spotlight

Only foreign companies that consistently increase payouts qualify for the Powershares International Dividend Achievers ETF.

Fund Spotlight

American Century Legacy Large Cap uses computers to pick stocks.

A Cloudy Outlook for First Solar

An alternative-energy leader comes under pressure as government subsidies shrink.

Kiplinger 25 Update

For T. Rowe Price Equity Income, it's good riddance to 2011.


Rethinking Retirement

The benefits of staying put in retirement, by Chris Farrell

Financal Aid Strategies With a Catch

Beware of paying big bucks for questionable advice that won't pay off.

4 Strategies for Securing More Financial Aid

Tips on how to qualify for additional financial aid that make sense.

4 Tricky Money-Etiquette Challenges

Our experts guide you through splitting the check and other awkward money moments.

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers questions about cosigning for loans, Roth IRAs for minors, and more.

The High Price of Cash Advances

Taking a cash advance is generally defensible only in an emergency.


Best Values in New Cars, 2012

This year's models pack more fuel economy without sacrificing style.

The 3 Best Color E-Readers

Read books, play games, check e-mail, and watch movies and TV -- without busting your budget.

The Lowdown

7 things you need to know about cloud computing.

My Story

Cookbook author Carol Scudere is showing Americans inexpensive ways to put tasty food on the table.