Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

February 2011

February issue of KPFM

Cover Story

The New Look of Retirement

It's time to rethink your image of retirement. Whether you're years or decades away, you can make the new reality work for you.


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From The Editor

Retirement ultimately may look different than it did for past generations, but, no, it's not RIP for retirement, by Janet Bodnar

Time to Tackle the Budget Deficit

Bipartisan ideas are credible, but are Americans ready for such strong medicine?

Better Odds in Arbitration

You may get to choose a panel without brokerage reps.

Money & Ethics

Is it price gouging or good business? by Knight Kiplinger

New Database Will Alert Shoppers to Safety Hazards

Protect yourself with this helpful resource.

Win Rewards for Paying Off Debt

Believe it or not, these cards help whittle your balance.

Beat the Rising Cost of Groceries

Time your purchases, and make the most of cyber coupons.

My Point of View

It's time to make the 401(k) mandatory, with every employer offering a plan and both employer and employee required to contribute, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

The spectacular recovery of big-machinery maker Caterpillar offers four important lessons for investors, by James Glassman

Your Mind and Your Money

During the depths of the market crash, women were less likely than men to cut and run from stocks, by Robert Frick


The World's 10 Best Stocks

It's a small world after all, and world-beating firms know no borders. So we picked ten companies that dominate their fields globally -- five based in the U.S. and five overseas.

The Best of the Online Brokers

Fidelity and TD Ameritrade are number one in our latest rankings of 14 top discounters.

Don't Buy the Hype, or GM

Once again public, the streamlined auto giant still faces roadblocks.

Golden Opportunities in the Golden State

Battered California muni bonds offer intrepid investors enticing yields.

Going Long

The scary scenarios that could change my bullish outlook, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Stock Gains Without Stock Risk

Vanguard Convertible excels at picking these tricky hybrids.


The New Look of Retirement

It's time to rethink your image of retirement. Whether you're years or decades away, you can make the new reality work for you.

Best Values in Public Colleges

Led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, these schools deliver a stellar education at an affordable price.

Give Your Finances a Tune-Up With Our Money Dashboard

Keep an eye on these eight measures of your financial performance.

Goodbye, City Life

The USDA offers mortgages for homes in rural locations that are not as far out of town as you might think.

Quicken: Still the Best for Budgeting

If you can spare the time, Quicken Premier offers a more complete picture of your finances than free online sites.

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford tackles questions about boosting yield on savings, getting relief from Medicare Part D's doughnut-hole coverage gap and more.

Debit Card Rewards Aren't All Rewarding

Credit-leery Americans have embraced pay-as-you-go plastic, but some debit rewards programs are better than others.


Foreclosures at Rock-Bottom Prices

Opportunity knocks for home buyers who aren't put off by legal squabbling and potential delays.

Drive Time

Waiting lists for the electric Volt and Leaf are long, and early sales are confined to a few areas, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

What you need to know about winter getaways, by Jennifer Schonberger

My Story

As a teenager, Steven Silverman lived the high life playing high-stakes Texas hold 'em. But getting a college degree outweighed the draw of winning millions.