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January 2019

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Where to Invest in 2019

Making money in stocks won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll need some protective armor to shine in a market facing a thicket of risks.


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Buying Health Insurance? The Outlook Is Brighter

As you navigate new low-cost choices, weigh the risks.

Getting a Loan Could Get Easier

UltraFICO will benefit young people and retirees with limited credit history.

Don’t Fall for a Phisher’s Bait

Every type of business is a potential target for scammers using email to steal personal information or do serious damage to computer systems.

To Save More, Imagine Your Retirement

Now make your dreams come true by saving more in your tax-advantaged plans.

A New Way to Pay Down Your Student Debt

Companies and rural areas offer tax breaks and other benefits.

These Retirees Volunteer Abroad

They’ve crisscrossed Europe doing everything from picking grapes to teaching English.

Money Smart Women

When taking time off from the workforce, it’s important to preserve your earning power and plan for retirement.

Opening Shot

I am making a contrarian pick: the New York Times. The industry is said to be dead. But the Times is figuring out how to make money.

Your Mind, Your Money

Normal market cycles can stir up your emotions and push you to invest unwisely, but being aware of your behavioral biases can help you focus on your long-term plan.

Millennial Money

No excuses. You don’t need a 401(k) or employer match to save.


New Strategies for Smart Borrowing

Rising interest rates and new tax rules mean taking a different approach to how you shop for loans and manage your debt.

Social Security: Now or Later?

Delaying benefits will increase the size of your checks, but it’s not the best strategy for everyone.

Ask Kim

Employers and insurers are offering more online tools and smartphone apps that steer you to the lowest drug prices.

Ask Kim

Before renting out your home, familiarize yourself with the tax implications.

Ask Kim

If your son or daughter plans to attend college abroad, here's what you should know.

How to Avoid Paying Pesky Fees

You can save hundreds of dollars a year if you beat back these irksome charges.

Lock Your Credit Card If It Goes Missing

Locking — rather than cancelling — a card, will block purchases and other ways a thief could hurt you, while still allowing recurring payments and similar conveniences to carry on unaffected.


Where to Invest in 2019

Making money in stocks won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll need some protective armor to shine in a market facing a thicket of risks.

Stand by Your Bonds in 2019

“Income Investing” columnist Jeffrey R. Kosnett predicts that a diversified portfolio of bonds will hold steady through the upcoming year.

6 Ways to Improve Your Yield on Cash

Thanks to rising rates, these low-risk investments rival stock dividends and can keep up with inflation.

Practical Investing

When share prices stumble, you can take advantage of buying opportunities.

Fund Watch

After years in the cold, this sector is starting to heat up.

Here Come the Hot IPOs

Investors could buy shares in big-name firms, including Uber and Lyft, in 2019.

Fund Watch

This member of the Kiplinger 25, the collection of our favorite no-load mutual funds, balances government bonds and high-grade corporates with higher-yielding picks to beat its benchmark.


Choose a Cheaper Wireless Plan

If you haven’t re-shopped your wireless phone plan in a few years, you’re probably paying a steep price for your loyalty.

Online Reviews You Can Use

To find reliable advice, you may need to disregard over-the-top (or fake) complaints and praise.

Insurance: Are You Covered?

Check your insurance IQ.