Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

January 2013

January issue of KPFM

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Investing Outlook, 2013

Despite a long list of uncertainties, stocks will once again beat bonds and cash.


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From The Editor

Homebuyers in search of clarity, by Janet Bodnar

Global Economy Back From the Brink

A recovery takes shape in Europe, and growth picks up in China.

Why Charities Should Operate More Like Businesses

Nonprofits would get more done with a for-profit toolbox.

Money & Ethics

Should you play politics with your purchases?, by Knight Kiplinger

Why Shorter Loans Are Better

It doesn’t pay to go out on a limb with long-term loans and CDs.

Discounted College Degrees: A Real Value or Gimmick?

A group of Texas-based universities are offering new $10,000 degree programs.

Refunds on the Way for Amex Customers, E-Book Buyers

A government crackdown will put money back in some consumers' pockets.

Opening Shot

Ten stock picks for 2013, by James K. Glassman

Real Money

Get the most from Social Security.


Investing Outlook, 2013

Despite a long list of uncertainties, stocks will once again beat bonds and cash.

Cash In Hand

My best income ideas for 2013, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

8 Stocks to Buy Now

Our eclectic list includes a major bank, a high-tech giant, a luxury retailer and even a nut processor.

Low-Minimum Mutual Funds From the Wizards of Wall Street

Four top-notch managers who have historically required big bucks to open accounts now offer mutual funds with modest minimums.

Go for the Gold (Stocks, That Is)

Shares of mining companies look more attractive than the metal itself.

Kip 25 Update

Quirky Mairs & Power Growth replaces a fund that is closing to new investors.

Apple: Bruised Bargain?

The recent dip in shares of the iPhone maker reflects more serious concerns about the company.

Practical Investing

Why I sell stocks slowly, by Kathy Kristof

Promised Land

Seven stock picks for 2013, by Andrew Feinberg

Fund Spotlight

Pimco Income generates a spiffy yield by investing in all sorts of bonds.


Housing Outlook, 2013

At last, most indicators point to a genuine recovery in the housing market.

Cash From Your Life Insurance

A whole-life policy may be more valuable while you’re alive.

Build a Better Budget in 2013

A good budget helps you reach your goals and frees up money for an occasional splurge.

Where to Stash Your Cash Now

These days, it helps to look for a little extra yield.

Rethinking Retirement

Plan B for your retirement, by Jane Bennett Clark

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford tackles readers' questions about rolling over to a Roth IRA, disaster insurance claims, and more.

Better CD Rates for Repeat Customers

The more accounts you have at a bank, the better interest rates you may get.


Making Working at Home Work

How to succeed in business without showing up at the office.

The Lowdown

6 things to know about winter vacation deals.

5 Tablet Alternatives to the iPad

A formidable slate of new tablets is challenging the iPad's heavyweight crown.

Drive Time

Four midsize sedans that have picked up their game, by Jessica Anderson

My Story

Home is where your houseboat is.