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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

January 2011

January issue of KPFM

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Where to Invest in 2011

Despite tepid economic growth, U.S. stocks should produce respectable gains in the coming year.


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From The Editor

Helping you make sense of the markets, by Janet Bodnar

How to Spot the Next Bear Market

If you see these signs, you may want to pull in your horns.

What's Keeping the Jobless Rate High

Even as the economy recovers, some jobs will never come back.

Money & Ethics

This is the time for employers to reinstate or raise their matching contributions, by Knight Kiplinger

The Return of the Personal Loan

Need money? Just ask your bank. The rates are higher, but the complications few.

Discounts for Using Debit Cards

Lower fees for merchants could mean money in your pocket.

My Point of View

A house is just a home, by Knight Kiplinger.

Turn Your Wheels Into a Rental

Sharing services let you rent out your car when you're not using it.

Your Mind & Your Money

We can improve our ability to make investing decisions by procrastinating a bit, focusing on fewer options and settling for good enough.

Money Calendar 2011

A year’s worth of money-saving reminders.

Opening Shot

10 stock picks for 2011, by James Glassman

Discovering Value

Shares of these beaten-down money-management firms make good investments, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins


Where to Invest in 2011

Despite tepid economic growth, U.S. stocks should produce respectable gains in the coming year.

6 Stocks Poised for Gains in 2011 and Beyond

Our picks include familiar names, but most will surprise you.

The Best Ways to Profit from Emerging Markets

To make money, go where the growth is.

The Best Bets for Income in 2011

Bond investors will find the coming year challenging.

Gold: Long-Term Hedge or Bubble About to Burst?

Two of our editors differ sharply over the glittery stuff's future. See whose side you're on.

How to Profit in This Tricky Environment

A bargain hunter, a hedge-fund manager and a brokerage strategist share their market outlooks and their game plans.

Mutual Funds

Is momentum investing dead? by Russel Kinnel

5 Strategies to Lower Risk

Use the right tools to diversify, and you can even out the ups and downs of your portfolio.

A Tale of 3 Tech Titans

The stocks of Apple, Google and Microsoft have diverged. We tell you which ones to buy and which to avoid.

Promised Land

5 dirt-cheap stock picks for 2011, by Andrew Feinberg

Cash in Hand

Why you should sell health-care REITs now, by Jeffrey Kosnett

Flying High With Airline Stocks

The notoriously cyclical sector is booming, but the record shows it can’t stand prosperity.

Mutual Funds

Surprise! Mutual fund fees fall, by Russel Kinnel

How to Invest in Silver

Silver's dizzying ascent isn't over. But you're better off investing in a basket of commodities.

Ethics Pay Off for Parnassus

This socially screened fund looks for growing firms at cheap prices.


Housing Outlook 2011

Property values are still drifting down, but look for relief at the end of 2011.

More Housing Pain Ahead

Yale economist Robert Shiller says foreclosure-gate is sapping confidence and more price declines are likely.

A Consumer Agency Revs Up

Read our exclusive interview with Elizabeth Warren, President Obama's pick for special adviser, to find out what the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will mean to you.

Downsize Your Mortgage?

Sometimes it makes sense to add cash or shorten the term when you refinance.

Long-Term-Care Rate Hikes Loom

Despite proposed premium increases, insurance is still the best way to protect yourself.

Cash in on New Health-Care Rules

First, get the most out of your flexible spending account in the new year.

Best Online Banking Deals Now

Bank online and you can avoid the fees and even earn a little interest.

Boomers Feel the Pain

Some Medicare beneficiaries will face higher costs for coverage in the New Year.

Fast Ways to Pay Your Credit-Card Bill

You can probably get your payment in under the wire and have it credited to your account without paying an extra fee.


Master the Modern Art of Haggling

From cars to TVs to patio pavers, learn the tricks of talking your way to a deal.

A 4G Revolution for Cell Phones

New smart phones and other mobile devices promise nearly instant Web access. But is the technology worth the price?

Drive Time

How to avoid getting ripped off for auto repairs, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

What you need to know about extended warranties, by Patricia Mertz Esswein

My Story

Wounded warrior Eric Wolfe returns to work.