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Chad Chubb, CFP®

Founder, WealthKeel LLC

Phone: 267.590.9533

Chad Chubb is a Philadelphia-based Certified Financial Planner™ and the founder and director of navigation at WealthKeel LLC. He leads a fast-growing financial planning team and works alongside high-income Gen X & Gen Y professionals who feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of financial decisions. He crafts simple, actionable financial plans for his clients so they can free up time and energy to focus on their work and families.

Chad is an established thought leader with features in some of the nation's top financial news outlets, including CNBC, Forbes, U.S. News, and Yahoo Finance. He also frequently publishes to his blog and was recently featured on Philadelphia's local NBC 10.

Latest Features

Building Wealth
October 2019

3 Vital Financial Planning Stages for Gen X & Gen Y

You may think you’re too young (or poor) to start working on a retirement saving plan, but actually now is the perfect time.

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Building Wealth
July 2019

A Forgotten First Step in Wealth Creation: Emergency Funds

Putting aside money for a rainy day (and it WILL rain one day, don't kid yourself) can pay off in many ways, including lowering your stress.

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Building Wealth
June 2019

Student Loans: To Solve the Problem, Understand the History

It's no secret that college students today are in a bind. To avoid the pitfalls of crushing student debt, take a look at how we got into this sticky situation, and then make some smart course corrections.

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Building Wealth
May 2019

High-Earning Millennials Have a Surprising Student Debt Problem

You might think that HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) would be doing just fine after college, but they're in serious debt just like most other new grads. In fact, in some ways, they face a few added challenges.

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