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Joe Vietri

Branch Network Leader, Charles Schwab

Phone: 800.435.4000

As Branch Network Leader at Charles Schwab, Joe Vietri has leadership responsibility for over 330 retail and independent branches and is personally committed to helping ensure his clients' satisfaction. Vietri is committed to providing advice unique to each client's situation that is clear, relevant and actionable, working to find solutions and strategies that are right for each one. He assists clients with wealth management, investing, portfolio analysis, college planning and more.

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Building Wealth
November 2019

3 Money Tips to Keep your FOMO in Check

When your Facebook friend posts dozens of idyllic photos from his trip to Thailand, do you feel a pang of envy? Don't let it derail your financial life.

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Building Wealth
April 2019

Why It's Important to Talk to Your Children about Your Financial Plan

You're not doing your kids any favors if you keep them in the dark about your finances or your retirement goals.

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Building Wealth
March 2019

When Markets Are Volatile, Focus on What You CAN Control

Obviously, you can't control the stock market. But you can control how you react to the inevitable bumps in the road. Here are three ways to keep your cool and avoid worsening any damages during tough times.

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Building Wealth
January 2019

5 Often-Overlooked Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser in the New Year

Get your financial year off on the right foot by getting the answers to these key questions.

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