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Bruce Willey, JD, CPA

Founder, American Tax & Business Planning


Bruce Willey has been working with small to midsize businesses across the country for more than a decade, helping them navigate business and tax law in a variety of situations. His services include assisting with business start-ups, operations, growth, asset protection, exit planning and estate planning.

Bruce thrives on working with entrepreneurs, providing a range of proactive tax, legal and business solutions to help them both address and prevent problems. His clients range from individuals in the initial stages of a business venture to mature companies from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, real estate, construction, health care, consulting, IT, sales and e-commerce. He shares his experience in the area of business and tax law as a frequent contributor to the Wells Fargo small-business webcast series, as well as the popular entrepreneurial website

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Building Wealth
February 2019

How to Leave Your Business: A 5-Year Plan

Building an exit strategy isn't something that comes naturally to most entrepreneurs, but it's an extremely important part of your business plan.

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Building Wealth
December 2018

There's a Way to Serve Your Business and Save on Taxes If You Think Big

Business owners who really want to save on their taxes need to think beyond year-end tips and how to capitalize on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Go bigger and dig deeper to save more.

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