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Jim Blankenship, CFP, EA

President, Blankenship Financial Planning


Jim Blankenship is a practicing fee-only financial planner, author and speaker, in New Berlin, Illinois. He has written three books, including the popular Social Security Owner's Manual. Jim focuses extensively on Social Security, retirement plans and income taxes in his writings.

Jim got his start as a financial planner when he tried to find competent, unbiased financial advice for his own purpose, and found there were no local advisers who fit the bill. Always a self-starter, he acquired the CFP designation as well as the EA (Enrolled Agent) designation to provide him with the necessary knowledge. Since he found that others around him were searching for similar advice, he hung out his shingle and launched Blankenship Financial in 2003.

Writing has been both a source of knowledge expansion as well as education for others throughout the years. The blog, started in 2004, has been the focus of the majority of his writings.

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