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Grant Rawdin, J.D., CFP®

Founder and CEO, Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC

Phone: 215.979.1600

Grant Rawdin is Founder and CEO of Wescott. He founded the firm in 1987, which grew from the tax, business and estate services he provided to clients at Duane Morris LLP, a venerable AMLaw 100 law firm. Grant is an attorney, an accountant and a Certified Financial Planner™ and has served as adviser to many businesses, providing strategic, ongoing, and merger and acquisition advice. He is admitted to both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bars.

Grant and Wescott are recognized as leading the investment and financial planning industry in innovation, growth and size. Wescott is among the top 25 financial advisers in the U.S. in the Top 100 rankings of Barron's, Forbes and CNBC. His articles, research and advice have been regularly featured in scores of national, local, popular and industry publications. He is also a frequent speaker on a variety of issues at national conferences.

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November 2018

Estate Planning Answers for 'Hard' Assets Like Art, Heirlooms

Splitting up money is easy. Splitting up an antique car or a vacation home isn't. And unless you plan ahead by answering these three questions, your family could be in for some strife.

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Building Wealth
July 2018

Don't Let Peer Pressure Spoil Your Retirement

If you try to make your retirement look like the typical picture that comes to mind, you may find yourself dissatisfied, bored or restless. Instead, look beyond these retirement myths to find what will make you truly happy.

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