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Timothy Barrett, Wealth Adviser

Senior Vice President, Argent Trust Company

Office: 502.242.7561
Mobile: 502.744.5008

Timothy Barrett is a senior vice president and trust counsel with Argent Trust Company. His expertise in multiple states for trust and estate planning, family governance, special needs trusts, business succession and wealth transfer furthers Argent's clients' personal and generational financial success.

Prior to his 18 years as a Wealth Adviser at Argent, J.P. Morgan Private Bank and PNC Private Wealth Management, Timothy practiced law in trust and estate planning.

Timothy is a graduate of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, 2016 Bingham Fellow, a Board Member of the Metro Louisville Estate Planning Council, and is a Member of the Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana Bar Associations, the University of Kentucky Estate Planning Institute Program Planning Committee, the Walden School Parent Association, the Center for Women & Family's Advisory Board and Speaker's Bureau, Coaching Boys into Men, and Own It: Men Against Violence Against Women.

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November 2018

How to Choose the Right Trustee for Your Estate

Who is the right person to watch out for your interests after you're gone: A family member, a member of your financial team, a bank, a professional trustee? To find the right answer, ask yourself the right questions.

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October 2018

Wealthy People Have Smart Financial Habits. But There's More.

Having enough money for a sweet retirement takes more than just saving. It takes smart spending and discipline. If you're falling behind, it's time for a financial lifestyle overhaul. Five steps will get you on your way.

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September 2018

What Makes an Investment Right or Wrong for Your IRA?

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August 2018

Is Your Child at Risk of Catching 'Affluenza'?

Kids from wealthy families aren't immune to behavioral problems. In fact, in some ways, they may be more at risk. As we see with the case of Ethan Couch, the consequences can be severe.

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July 2018

Art ‘Investors’: Are You Collecting Art or Merely Decorating?

There’s a difference between the two. Before you buy or sell a piece of art, consider some guidelines on authentication and what might make one piece of art valuable, and another merely a nice complement to your sofa.

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May 2018

How to Plan Ahead for a Disabled Child’s Inheritance

If your child relies on Medicaid services, how can you ensure that when you die the money you leave them doesn't cause them to lose that vital support system? A Supplemental Needs Trust could be the answer.

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