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Ken Berman

Contributing Writer

Ken Berman has been buying and selling stocks since he was a teenager and met with early success trading then-fledgling biotech stocks like Amgen, Biogen and Immunex. He later became a broker and worked for two wire houses, where he developed a proprietary system for buying and selling equities. In 1999, Mr. Berman formalized his method under the GorillaTrades name and now has subscribers in the U.S. and 55 other countries around the world.

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February 2018

5 Dividend Stocks That Can Deliver Income and Growth

Finding growth stocks to invest in isn’t a very difficult task, even when a bull market is this long in the tooth. (Stocks are approaching the nine-year mark of its upward march without a decline of ...

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January 2018

5 Strong Stocks to Buy for an American Infrastructure Boom

If the federal government can pass something as rancorous and partisan as the Republicans’ tax law, then a bill that can garner bipartisan support and is (almost) equally beneficial for every American ...

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December 2017

6 Dividend Growth Stocks to Stay Ahead of Rising Interest Rates

For years, America’s low-interest-rate environment has pushed income hunters out of bonds and into other cash-producing investments – namely, dividend stocks. However, the Federal Reserve has been ...

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