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Mark Solheim

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Mark became editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine in July 2017. In addition to his duties overseeing the magazine, he continues to assign and edit articles for the magazine's Money and Living sections. Prior to becoming editor, he was the Money and Living sections editor and, before that, the automotive writer. He has also been editor of as well as the magazine's managing editor, assistant managing editor and chief copy editor. Mark has also served as president of the Washington Automotive Press Association.

Latest Features

From the Editor
August 2018

My Annual Report

You’ve sent good ideas for articles and shared your own personal finance journeys. I love hearing what’s on your mind.

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Kiplinger Bookshelf
July 2018

From the Editor
July 2018

As Retirement Looms, So Does Questions of Moving

Each of the places in our cover story has attributes that are high on retirees’ wish lists.

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From the Editor
June 2018

Socially Responsible Investing? It's Complicated

It takes a lot of time to do the research to make sure a company is compatible with your values.

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From the Editor
May 2018

Living Well on Less: The Middle Class Pinch

The families we profile are making progress toward their financial goals, but only because they are also making sacrifices.

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From the Editor
April 2018

My Search for a Financial Adviser

Despite being a money expert himself, Kiplinger editor Mark Solheim found the advice industry to be a labyrinth of credentials and opaque fee structures when he went looking for financial guidance from the pros.

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From the Editor
March 2018

My Investing Misstep

My Schwab account ballooned to $100,000. That's when the greed and day-trader mentality took over.

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From the Editor
February 2018

We Do Personal Finance Advice, Not Politics

When it comes to recommendations for your finances, we strive to be staunchly nonpartisan.

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From the Editor
January 2018

We Welcome Your Feedback

Tell us your thoughts -- we are listening.

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From the Editor
September 2017

Paying It Forward

I took control of my parents’ finances when Dad showed signs of dementia.

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Kip Tips
July 2017

How I Thwarted I.D. Thieves

After they stole my name, I switched into high gear to prevent them from hijacking my sterling credit history.

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October 2016

Are You Getting the Best Deal on a Used Car?

Buying a used car isn't the game of Russian roulette it once was. The internet gives buyers a better grasp of the market, vehicle-history services such as CarFax have reduced fraud, and cars are so we...

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Best Cities, States & Places
June 2016

Nashville, Tenn.: A Great Midsize City for Retiring in Good Health

Quaint neighborhoods and good tunes help make the Music City an ideal location for retirees.

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May 2016

Great Deals on Fuel-Efficient New Cars

After reaching an all-time high in 2015, new car sales have begun to plateau this year, and carmakers are scrambling to maintain market share by rolling out generous incentives—cash back and subsidized ...

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Drive Time
October 2015

What to Do If You Own a VW Diesel

Repairs to ensure that VWs with "defeat device" software meet emission standards could be a year or two away.

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December 2014

3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Old Electronics

Make some extra cash by offloading your unused electronics and devices.

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March 2013

How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car

The joy of owning a car often starts as dread when you set foot in the showroom. It isn't hard to see why. You've been coached to ignore the sticker price and go in ready to haggle, but you're neve...

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