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May 2016

Great Work-From-Home Jobs

Working from home promises big benefits: extra income, flexible hours and a dress code of slippers and sweatpants. The trick, of course, is finding legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home ...

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July 2014

10 Great Work-at-Home Jobs

Work-at-home jobs promise big benefits: extra income, flexible hours and the enviable dress code of slippers and sweatpants. The trick, of course, is finding legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home ...

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March 2013

How Long Should It Last?

When you spend $500 or $1,000 or more on an appliance or home improvement, you want it to last. You also want to anticipate and budget for costly repairs and replacements. But just how long should maj...

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October 2012

The MacGyver Money Quiz: How to Escape Tricky Financial Jams

Sometimes, your finances are like a ticking time bomb: If you don’t act fast enough or you make an imprecise move, you’ll pay dearly.

For instance, what should you do immediately after ...

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College Rankings
September 2012

Forgoing College Can Make Sense

College is still the safest way to a good income and career. But for some students, other options will also lead to success.

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August 2012

Worst College Majors for Your Career 2012

Make no mistake: An undergraduate degree can improve your employment prospects and paycheck size. A high school graduate earns 40% less than someone with a bachelor’s degree and is more than twice as ...

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July 2012

What You Need to Know About Streaming Video

With new options, online viewing is easier and cheaper than ever.


June 2012

10 Cheapest U.S. Cities You'll Want to Visit

Far more people plan to vacation this summer than in the dog days of 2011, according to a recent Coupon Cabin/Harris International poll. But even with the uptick in economic optimism, most Americans are ...

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June 2012

A Systems-Analyst-Turned-Writer’s Novel Idea Bears Fruit

Ali Hosseini of Hudson, Massachusetts, who came to the U.S. in 1975, quit his job four years ago to write a novel. Much belt-tightening later, The Lemon Grove is about to be published.

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June 2012

Should You Give an Employer Your Facebook Password?

If a prospective employer asks for your password, don’t be too quick to give it up.

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March 2012

Best Cities to Save on Gas - Slide Show

A gallon of regular unleaded gasoline runs, on average, about $3.93. At that price, a typical Honda Accord owner is paying $73 -- seventy-three dollars -- to fill up the popular sedan’s 18.5-gallon tank. ...

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March 2012

7 Things Worth Splurging On - Slide Show

Demand for luxury goods rebounded post-recession -- and as the economy continues to heat up, more consumers are finding the cash for Louboutin pumps, first-class cabins and Michelin-starred meals. But ...

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Starting Out
February 2012

20 Cheap Dates That Call for More Thought, Less Money

Be it Valentine's Day or any other day, it's the thought that goes into a date that counts, not the expense.

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January 2012

8 Ways Kiplinger Readers Would Fix the Economy

As the Republican primaries and payroll tax negotiations drag on, it seems as if there are as many plans to fix the economy as there are economic problems. Some call for the federal government to spend ...

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January 2012

January 2012

12 Best Cities for High Paying Jobs - Slide Show

Getting hired in today’s tough job market is hard. Landing a position that pays well is even harder. The secret to a successful search for employment that comes with a fat paycheck lies in looking for ...

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Kip Tips
December 2011

3 Alternatives to Sweep Accounts

You can earn far higher interest rates with some savings and money market accounts.

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