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Kiplinger's Retirement Report

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July 2019

Educational Trips Expand the Mind for Older Traveler

Retirees have a bevy of options to explore areas most tourists don't see.

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June 2019

Retirement Travel: See the World with the Grandkids

Multigenerational trips help create strong family bonds and leave a legacy of special memories.

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April 2019

All Aboard for a Train Adventure in Retirement

Older travelers and retirees are hitting the rails and fueling demand for train vacations.

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March 2019

Retirees, Get Tech Savvy for the Grandkids

Communicating through new tech tools is a lot more fun than the obligatory phone calls of yore.

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December 2018

Savor the Tastes of Local Culture in Retirement

In a new twist, some travel companies are adding exercise and culinary lessons to travel expeditions aimed at older foodies.

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September 2018

Join a Chorale Group in Retirement to Boost Your Spirits

Retirees can create, bond and entertain in a song-filled setting featuring professional conductors.

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July 2018

How to Preserve the History of Your Family

Tips for collecting and organizing precious photos, movies and memories.

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Estate Planning
June 2018

Decluttering in Retirement (or at Any Age) Frees Space and the Soul

Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, letting go of unneeded possessions is liberating for you and your heirs.

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March 2018

Girlfriend Getaways Gain Popularity Among Retirees, Preretirees

Many women over 50 are discovering the rejuvenating properties of vacationing with female friends.

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Leisure Spending
May 2017

For Retirees on the Go, Culinary Tours Put the Focus on Food

Foodie travelers have a menu of choices ranging from culinary cruises, cooking courses and winery tours.

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Financial Planning
April 2016

Retirees Moving to Be Near the Grandkids

Forget all those "best places to retire" lists: For some retirees, the top retirement destination is the place where their grandkids reside.

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Estate Planning
February 2016

Celebrating Life When Death Draws Near

A 'living funeral' provides an opportunity for the terminally ill to gather with close friends and relatives to share memories and stories.

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Making Your Money Last
October 2015

Hire a Personal Assistant to Ease the Burden

Getting help to handle small tasks can make a big difference for those who are juggling work and caregiving.

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August 2015

Solving Sibling Squabbles Over a Parent's Care

If advance planning didn't do the trick, hiring a professional mediator can help settle a family feud.

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July 2015

Vacations That Give Back

Take a “voluntourism” trip and you’ll see the world from a fresh perspective.

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Making Your Money Last
April 2015

How to Pick the Best Place to Retire

Narrow your choices by doing online research, and then plan to visit in person before settling on a new locale.

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