Tax Help Now that You Need It

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Tax Help Now that You Need It

Speak, that we may help you find the tax guidance you seek.

The April 15th tax deadline doesn’t quite have the significance it once did, what with more and more Americans filing electronically, but it does serve as a conversation starter in, say, the elevator. Whatever your answer to, “So, get your taxes done?”, we have help for you.

“Oh yeh, ages ago. I’ve already got my refund.” Good for you, smug guy. Be sure to put that deposit to good use — see 10 Smart Uses for Your Refund. Or take our quiz on What’s Deductible This Year. Hey, you can always amend.

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“I filed them, but the check hasn’t come and I sure could use it.” No need to wait by the mailbox (or the computer) — see How to Track Your Refund.

“So close to being done. Think I’ll get some money back.” Remember that you can pick a number of options for how that refund is deposited — see our video on Get Your Refund Your Way.


“I’m not going to make it.” Now, here’s where things get interesting. If you know you’re getting money back, don’t sweat it — you don’t even need to file for an extension. If you know you’re going to owe money, then file that extension … along with some money. How much? That depends, and our Procrastinator’s Guide will help guide you.

“It’s not the filing. It’s the paying.” Ooh, sorry to hear that. One thing to avoid if you’re in this pickle is paying what you owe with a credit card. There are lots of reasons not to do that, and even the IRS is willing to extend credit at a decent rate. But don’t skip filing — remember: You Can’t Hide from the IRS.