Save Money on Tax Preparation

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Save Money on Tax Preparation

Here's how to get discounts on software or tax services.

If you plan to put a lot of time into getting every deduction you deserve, don't throw that money away by paying full price for tax software. You can find deals if you know where to look. Here are some tips:

Why pay when you don't have to? If you earn $58,000 or less, you can take your pick at of 20 tax software companies that can help you prepare and file your federal income-tax return for free. (Some also provide state forms.) Learn more about the Free File program.

Your financial institution may offer a discount. Some banks and brokerages offer software discounts to customers. For example, Capital One is offering its customers 25% off TurboTax software.

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Search for coupons and coupon codes. Before you purchase tax software online, search your favorite coupon site (such as or for a coupon code that could help you save 10% to 25%. You also can find printable coupons for tax services, such as Jackson Hewitt, at some sites such as If you find a good coupon, use it now because tax-prep coupons usually expire before April, says Barry Boone, CEO of

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