Free Tax Help from the IRS

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Free Tax Help from the IRS

Did you get a nastygram from the IRS? Come talk things out.

Never mind mowing the lawn, Little League or that trip to the lake. You want to spend your Saturday chilling with the Internal Revenue Service.

Well, you may not want to, but perhaps you should, and what's more, you can. It's not too late to cut a deal -- or make an amendment that could help you save money.

The IRS is running an Open House day June 5 to help taxpayers resolve a variety of issues. About 200 offices -- at least one in every state -- will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. IRS staff will be available to help taxpayers work through their problems –– especially recently received tax notices. Near you? Check the IRS listing for specific addresses.

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Topics the IRS is offering to help with:


- Explaining what's needed to satisfy a notice.
- Setting up a payment plan for those in arrears.
- "Offers in compromise" -- the possibility of paying less than what's owed.
- Guidance on how to fill out forms and schedules.

If that doesn't solve your problem -- or if you want a second opinion on what the IRS is telling you-- see How to Hire a Tax Pro.