Grading the Stimulus Tax Cuts

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Grading the Stimulus Tax Cuts

The number crunchers at the Brookings Institution's Tax Policy Center have "graded" the individual planks in the tax portion of the House recovery bill, based on their expected effect on  job-creating and economic growth.  Not surprisingly, the somewhat left-of-center group doesn't think that much of using tax policy as an economic tool.

There are other views, especially from business groups who are lobbying for more cuts in the Senate bill.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for example, has put out a wish list that will get a fair amount of discussion in the Senate. The chamber also backs a lot of the spending provisions, saying the nation's infrastructure needs an overhaul and many (but not all) of the planned projects will create jobs.

President Obama, who's meeting today with GOP members of Congress, may well back some of the business add-ons. In a nod to Republicans, Obama has asked House Democrats to drop some of the spending that will do little to to create jobs, such as the money for family planning services for the poor.