Money Advice for Families From Around the Web

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Money Advice for Families From Around the Web

A look at tips from personal finance bloggers about budget-friendly ways to keep kids entertained during the summer.

Parents are spending more than in years past to keep their kids entertained this summer, according to the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker. The survey found that parents will spend $958 per child, on average, during the 2014 summer versus $856 in 2013 and $601 in 2012. They are shelling out for activities such as day trips to theme parks, pool memberships and summer camp.

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As a working mom whose paid a fair amount to keep her kids occupied during the summer, I think these numbers actually seem low. For example, we considered sending our oldest daughter to an out-of-state sleepaway camp, but the ones we looked into cost more than $1,000. So we settled for an inexpensive five-day camp at one of our state's parks. This is just one way we managed to keep the cost of keeping our kids entertained under control. I've rounded up several tips from some of my favorite personal finance bloggers to help parents spend less on summer activities.

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"Purchasing your tickets online is generally good for at least $20 off the price, and there are often discounts available through local retailers."

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