7 Ways to Save on Pet Costs

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7 Ways to Save on Pet Costs

Large dogs run up the biggest upfront tab, but beware the high annual cost of rabbits and guinea pigs.

1. Compare prices for flea-and-tick preventative and heartworm medications from the vet and from discount sites, such as www.1800petmeds.com.

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2. Shop around for prescribed meds at pharmacies, big-box retailers and warehouse stores. Costco doesn’t require a membership to fill prescriptions, though you will pay a slightly higher price than members do.

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3. Have a technician administer vaccines to save on office visits.


4. Contact your local shelter to ask about free or low-cost spaying and neutering services.

5. Buy food in bulk from a warehouse store.

6. Ask your pet store about manufacturer savings. Some offer frequent-buyer programs.

7. Check out daily-deal sites geared to pets, such as BarkingDeals.com and Coupaw.com, for toys, treats, supplies and more.