High-Tech Ways to Shop

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3 New High-Tech Ways to Shop

These gadgets will help you check-out faster at the register, make secure payments online and more.

Gadgets that make shopping easier or more secure were on display at this year's CES, the giant consumer electronics trade show. Here are three to watch for:

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Ringly Smart Jewelry, starting at $195, ringly.com

Wearable tech: Why fish for a wallet or dig through a purse when you can tap and pay with your fashion accessories? Later this year, Master­Card’s payment technology will be embedded in smart jewelry from Ringly. Rings with gemstones that hide the hardware start at $195; visit ringly.com.

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Secure payments: Load all of your payment info on Qkey, which plugs into the USB port of your computer or tablet and contains the same type of microchip that comes with chip-enabled credit cards. When it’s time to shop online, plug in Qkey, and remove it when you’re done. Your info is off the grid, safer from hackers, with only an encrypted backup file on your computer (preorder for $89 at Qkey.com).

Streamlined loyalty: Consolidate all of your loyalty and discount cards into a single magnetic-stripe card with Cardberry ($100; join the waiting list at www.cardberry.com/en).

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