Rick Steves Guidebooks

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Rick Steves Guidebooks

  • Author: Rick Steves
  • Publisher: Avalon Publishing

What makes the guidebooks of this ubiquitous public television personality rise above the rest? The host of the PBS travel documentary series "Rick Steves' Europe" is just as enthusiastic and subjective in print as he is on the screen. And that makes his guidebooks more interesting than the bland summaries and itineraries found in other travel guides. His breezy tone feels more like a trusted, well-traveled friend dispensing advice on what to do and where to stay and to eat. Plus, you’ll find plenty of useful nuggets to help you save time and money, such as when public transit or sightseeing passes make the most sense, or when to reserve tickets in advance to avoid long lines at museums, exhibitions, palaces, and ruins. He packs in all the usual navigation and general travel info, too.


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