How to Curb the Urge to Overspend

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How to Curb the Urge to Overspend

Advice from personal finance bloggers on ways to control spending and resist impulse purchases.


The next time you go to the mall, beware the stares of mannequins. No, I'm not late to the game with a spooky Halloween tale. However, you should be a little scared of the tactics retailers use to get you to spend more. You can learn about the sneaky tricks they employ in Mannequin Eye Contact and Other Ways Retailers Get You to Spend More from the December issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. Plus, I've rounded up tips from personal finance bloggers to help you avoid the urge to buy.

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How You Can Be a Smarter Shopper and Resist Impulse Buying [Money Under 30]
"Wait a full 24 hours. Impulsive urges don’t last. You’ll feel better while making the buy, but in the long term, you’ll feel the negative effects of debt."

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How to Stop Yourself From Spending Your Emergency Fund [MoneyNing]
"Create spending rules so your emergency fund doesn’t become a sort-of general fund that you raid whenever you feel like it."

How New Facebook and Twitter Features Could Leave You Broke [GoBankingRates]
"Social media users who already struggle with keeping a budget are going to find it even harder to keep impulse shopping at bay. Twitter and Facebook both recently began testing new features that allow users to buy products directly from the sites."


What I Learned During Shopping Addiction Therapy [L Bee and the Money Tree]
"I may indulge in a little 'mindless' shopping every now and again, mostly on vacation, but I rarely go to any store without having thought about what I need to buy first. I go in, I get out, and get on with my life."