Honoring Mom on a Budget

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Honoring Mom on a Budget

Regardless of whether you're strapped for cash, sending mom a personal message or just spending quality time together celebrates the original intention behind the holiday. MSN's Smart Spending blog traces the origination of Mother's Day in the U.S. to the early 20th century campaigning efforts of Anne Marie Jarvis, who later became dismayed by the growing commercialization of Mother's Day, a day she intended for sentimentality.

The Smart Spending blog also rounded up simple ways to recognize everything moms do for their families.

MSN's Joan Melcher tells where to take a mom for complimentary dessert or where to go to download a free song in her honor. See them all.

Make a lasting difference in mom's life by reviewing financial matters to make sure she's making the most of her money.  If she's well into retirement, our article on Talking Money With Mom and Dad can point out some important financial data to review. If mom is already savvy on money matters, check out our gift subscriptions and online bookstore.

Teach her something you know well. Take her on a tour of your favorite Web sites or help her find her interests on the Web.

Invite her on a nature walk or local walking tour.

Just say "Thank You."

Tell us what you've got planned.


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