10 Great Mother's Day Gifts

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10 Great Mother's Day Gifts

Here's a list of what moms really want on their special day.

When I told my husband that Mother's Day was coming up soon (May 13), he got a panicked look on his face. I know that he was thinking, "Oh no, what are the kids and I supposed to get her?

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If you're wondering the same thing -- what to give your wife or mom for Mother's Day -- listen up. I'm a mother of three young children, so I have a pretty good idea what moms want. I also asked my friends who are moms what they would like for their special day. You might be surprised by the responses.

Manicures, massages and such are nice, but none of the moms I know put these at the top of their gift wish lists. What most moms want (myself included) is a break -- relief from a daily chore, a night without having to cook for everyone, a day to do whatever she wants.


Here are ten things that moms really want. Some are tangible gifts; some cost nothing more than your time and effort.

A break from making dinner. My friend Francie says she would love not to have to make dinner for an entire week. If you can't cook or can't afford to eat out all week, consider at least ordering take-out on Mother's Day or taking her to a restaurant (and maybe even leaving the kids at home with a babysitter).

A clean house. Give Mom a break from her daily chores and do them for her (the way she would want them done). Wash the dishes, do the laundry, sweep the floors and make up the beds. Or consider hiring a maid service to do some serious spring cleaning to spare your mom (or wife) from this day-long task.

A clean car. Mom's car can get downright disgusting after shuttling kids around all the time. So grab the kids and a garbage bag and put them to work picking up all the junk they deposited in the back seats. Then have them help you wash the car (or take Mom's car to the car wash if the kids are too little to help.)


A journal. My friend Marti says that she would love a great fountain pen and journal. Her children are grown, but this would be a great gift for a new mom to document all of baby's milestones. I've been keeping journals for all of my children since they were born.

Chocolate. Several moms I know say that chocolate is a great gift. My friend Amy recommends the chocolate-covered strawberries from Shari's Berries. She says that they are the perfect gift for the mom who has everything.

Quality family time. My cousin Mollie says that her ideal Mother's Day would involve spending time with her husband and kids doing their favorite activities: going to the park, eating at a favorite lunch spot or watching a movie together. Think about what your wife or mom enjoys doing as a family and organize the day accordingly. (And if a fight breaks out among the kids, don't make Mom be the referee.)

Do-nothing day. My colleague and new mom Stacy Rapacon says that she would love to spend the day not having to lift a finger -- just resting. Plenty of moms also would like the opportunity to have a day to do just what they want to do -- alone.


Plants and flowers for the yard. My friend Jackie says that her husband always gives her a great Mother's Day gift: a solo trip to the nursery to buy whatever plants she wants for the garden. My husband took this one step further for my birthday in April. He planted everything I bought -- without complaining. Best gift ever! For a more budget-friendly gift (a free one, actually), you could weed the yard for your wife or mom.

Framed photo of the kids. One of my favorite gifts was a framed black-and-white photo of my girls that my husband took. If you're not that good of a photographer, you don't have to shell out big bucks for a professional photo shoot. Pinterest.com has lots of tips on how to take good pictures of babies and kids.

A big, heartfelt "Thank you." Lots of moms would love to hear their children (and significant other) say "Thank you" -- and truly mean it -- for everything they do.

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