Great Deals on Practically Everything

Smart Buying

Great Deals on Practically Everything, 2016

Use our tips and strategies to save thousands of dollars on everything from stocks and funds to phone plans and kitchen remodels. Plus: Freebies you won't want to pass up.

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A deal is a deal. You just have to know where to find it. To that end, we sent our crack Kiplinger staff out looking for bargains — so you don't have to.

Deals on Mobile Phone Plans

Let's start with your mobile phone. You've been rolling with the major wireless carriers and every month, you shake your head at the bill. Maybe it's time to change it up. We take you down that road with Bypass the Major Wireless Carriers to Save Big Bucks on Your Phone Plan.

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Deals on Health Savings Accounts

Are you toying with the idea of a health savings account? We cut through the noise with Best Health Savings Accounts for Your Money.

Deal or No Deal at

If your yearly dues of $99 Amazon Prime just hit and you're having second thoughts, check out or piece titled Deal or No Deal?.

Deals on Stocks

Next up: Funds. For you, we look at 3 ETFs for Cheap Stocks. Is it time again for value stocks?

Deals on Remodeling Your Kitchen

If remodeling your kitchen has you worrying about costs, dive into our 3 Strategies to Remodel Your Kitchen for Less for some smart advice.

Deals on Insurance-Policy Add-ons

Perhaps you brushed off the upsell your insurance agent was starting to trot out when you scored your policy. Hold on: We have 4 Insurance-Policy Add-ons Worth the Money.

Deals at Warehouse Sales

Finally, back to retail. If you haven't treated yourself, and your wallet, to warehouse sales, it may be time to rethink. Check out our How to Save Big on Furniture and Clothes at Warehouse Sales.

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