Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Stores

Smart Buying

Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Stores

You can find a surprising number of useful items for just a buck if you shop carefully.

Dollar-store shoppers need to be discerning. The discount retailers stock plenty of junk. These items, however, are well worth the buck you’ll pay.

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Do load up on $1 greeting cards. At the supermarket, Hallmark cards can go for $4 apiece. Packs of party invitations and thank-you notes are also good buys at dollar stores.

And speaking of parties, you can find gift bags, helium-filled balloons and other party supplies at dollar stores for much less than you’d pay elsewhere.

Dollar stores are good for office supplies, too. Pick up things like paper clips, index cards, poster board and envelopes on the cheap. The same items cost a whole lot more at Staples.

Need reading glasses? Snag a pair for just a buck at the dollar store. A similar pair of reading glasses was selling for $22 at the grocery store.

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