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Smart Buying

Best Things to Buy at Aldi

The discount grocer beat competitors' prices on these four supermarket staples.

German supermarket chain Aldi is taking America by storm. By 2018, the grocer expects to have close to 2,000 stores nationwide. The secret to Aldi’s success? No frills and low prices.

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We put Aldi’s penny-pinching reputation to the test by comparing its everyday prices on four supermarket staples to the prices charged for similar products by three leading competitors: Giant, Harris Teeter and Target. Here are the results:

    Dozen Grade A Eggs

  • Aldi, 39 cents
  • Harris Teeter, $1.39
  • Target, $1.49
  • Giant, $1.99
  • Loaf of White Bread

  • Aldi, 85 cents
  • Harris Teeter, 97 cents
  • Giant, 99 cents
  • Target, $1.64
  • Jar of Peanut Butter

  • Aldi, $1.49
  • Target, $1.79
  • Giant, $2.19
  • Harris Teeter, $2.29
  • Gallon of Milk

  • Aldi, $1.49
  • Target, $2.98
  • Giant, $3.49
  • Harris Teeter, $3.59

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