7 Things You Should Never Buy During the Holidays

Smart Buying

7 Things You Should Never Buy During the Holidays

It pays to wait to make these purchases at another time of the year.

Don’t buy these things between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They tend to be less expensive at other times of year.

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1. Exercise Equipment

January is when the real deals appear on exercise equipment.

2. Caribbean Cruises

By booking for January, February or March, you can take advantage of lower fares.

3. Furniture

Wait until after Christmas when stores hold clearance sales to make room for new styles.

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4. Jewelry

You can save 15% to 25% on jewelry during post-Valentine’s Day sales.


5. Mattresses

Save as much as 70% by waiting until Memorial Day sales in May.

6. Tools

Wait to by a new drill, wrench set or tool chest around Father’s Day.

7. Winter Sports Gear

Expect deep discounts during clearance sales in February and March.

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