5 Things to Know About Shopping at Publix

Smart Buying

5 Things to Know About Shopping at Publix

Tips to help you save more and shop smarter at the supermarket chain.

If you’re not from the Southeast and have ever wondered what all the fuss is about, find out.

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1. You Can Save Big With Coupons

If you can stack a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale, a manufacturer’s coupon, and a store coupon, you might walk out with 80% off or more.

2. You Can Return Any Item

Yes, even if it has already been brought home and opened. Food, too.

3. Publix Makes It Easy to Locate Items

Check online to see if your store stocks a specific item. Then use the app to identify the aisles in which items are located.

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4. The Shelf Tags Are Written In Code

Using icons the labels will tell you information about the product, like if it’s organic, made without artificial ingredients, or FSA eligible.


5. There’s No Savings Club

Publix says it’s all about saving customers money with programs like BOGOs and competitive pricing, rather than a loyalty card.

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