3 Reasons You Wish a Wegmans Would Open Near You

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3 Reasons You Wish a Wegmans Would Open Near You

The supermarket chain has a loyal following but locations are scarce.

Shoppers love Wegmans. The Upstate New York grocery chain was voted best supermarket in America, beating out Trader Joe’s. But good luck finding one. Wegmans has locations in just six states: Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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Here are three reasons you wish a store would open near you.

One, the selection is unbeatable. Wegmans stocks nearly twice as many items as a typical supermarket—including over 300 types of cheese. It’s also known for prepared foods, ranging from subs to sushi.

Two, it’s a great place for a date. Really. Wegmans is rolling out full-service bars and restaurant either within its stores or right next door. Some even take reservations.


Three, prices are competitive. We compared the cost of eight store-brand items at four different supermarkets. The cheapest: Wegmans ($14.62). Giant ($15.03) came in second, followed by Harris Teeter ($20.00). Whole Foods ($21.13) was the most expensive.

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