3 Items You Can't Return to Amazon

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3 Things You Can't Return to Amazon

All sales are final if you order these things from the Web retailer.

If you shop online, you’ve probably ordered something from Amazon. The Internet retailer has 244 million active customers, after all. Prices and selection are hard to beat, and you have 30 days to return most items.

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But you can’t send back everything you buy from Amazon. Here are three items that aren’t returnable:

1. Wine

Be sure you know your Bordeaux from your Burgundy before ordering wine. Once it ships there’s no turning back. A bad cork might earn you a refund, but don’t count on it.

2. Gift cards

Gift cards are non-returnable, too. Luckily you can sell unwanted gift cards for cash on Web sites like Cardpool or Gift Card Granny.


3. Insects

A warning to budding entomologists: You can’t return insects to Amazon. Think twice before adding that 300-pack of live ladybugs to your order.

Stuck with something you don’t want but can’t return? Re-sell it, re-gift it, or if all else fails donate it to charity for the tax write-off.

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