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Save 10% on Target Gifts, Your Own Target Shopping With One-Day Gift Card Sale

Target shoppers should stock up on discounted gift cards on Dec. 3.

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If a Target gift card – or any clothes, toys or other products you might be buying at Target for friends and family this season -- is on your holiday shopping list, Sunday is the day to save even more.

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That’s when the upscale discount retailer will knock 10 percent of the cost of its gift cards, an annual one-day-only event eagerly anticipated by Target shoppers. The deal is available in stores and on Target’s website.

Here’s how it works: The minimum gift card purchase is $10, and the deal is capped at $300 per household, according to Megan Boyd, speaking for Minneapolis-based Target. The discounted cards can be purchased Sunday, Dec. 3 only, and they may be used starting Monday, Dec. 4.

Oh, and Target’s well aware its frequent shoppers may also be gifting themselves with the discounted gift cards. And that’s OK. If you’re a regular Target shopper, stocking up on $300 in gift cards now at a cost of only $270 will save you $30. Just don’t lose the gift cards before spending them. But if you do, there’s a backstop.

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“We recommend that the guest saves their receipt,” says Boyd. “With a receipt, they can call Target Guest Relations, and we can recover the balance with the info on the receipt.”

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